How To Create A Unique Corporate Event

How To Create A Unique Corporate Event

How To Create A Unique Corporate Event

When you attend a corporate event, chances are you will notice some common features that are shared by almost every one.

These Common Traits Include:

Mingling – Happy Hours or Cocktails that give guests a chance to arrive and unwind.

Addresses By Management – from a simple welcome to a pivotal speech.

Incentives and Recognition – Awards, certificates or simply thanking people.


Rewards – these can include corporate entertainment, gifts or bonuses.

So if almost every corporate event has these features in common, the question becomes, how to make your event different and memorable.

Content Is The Key!

During planning, make certain every phase of the event will reinforce your content and message. Then find a distinctive approach to style these components so they enhance instead of detract from the overall message and theme.

Instead of networking Happy Hours, turn the activity into team building games. Incorporate social media like twitter and LinkedIn to create ways for guests to connect and grow their circles.

Anyone who addresses the guests should be kept informed and on topic as your event draws closer. By using audio, video and interactivity your speakers can bridge the audience gap and offer information in a more exciting manner, while building personal connections with the audience.

Acknowledgements and awards should be limited to highlight achievements within the content focus. This helps you to avoid long speeches or sending mixed messages that can ruin the flow of your event.

Rewards, including corporate entertainment, should be tailored to emphasize your content too. Find a corporate entertainer that can easily adapt to your message and audience. This makes the event fun, while offering a unique perspective to help reinforce your message and theme.

Focusing on your content allows you to make the “conventional” aspects “exceptional” aspects, creating a truly unique corporate event.

World-Class Corporate Entertainment in Baltimore Maryland

World-Class Corporate Entertainment in Baltimore Maryland

Looking for corporate entertainment in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia or Philadelphia?

Corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl of Baltimore, Maryland takes corporate entertainment in Baltimore to the next level. Crowl's comedy show has appeared as headline entertainment at corporate events throughout the United States. Tom has also traveled the globe entertaining on cruise ships and at 5-star resorts.

“The show is designed to keep people laughing. We want them to relax and enjoy themselves,” said Crowl. “My passion is figuring out what will make them laugh. That is why I find corporate events so fascinating.”

When companies hire a corporate entertainer, they usually have a specific goal. Entertainment for the sake of entertainment is seldom the reason. They may want to highlight a particular message or product. In some cases they want to create a highlight that features their cause or people.

“The real job is to take the client's goal and engage their people with comedy that makes their corporate entertainment memorable,” said Crowl.

Most of Tom's performances actually take place outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Corporate entertainment and speaker agencies hire him to make their clients look amazing. It isn't unusal for Tom to hop on a plane to travel across the country for a single appearance.

Most often, Crowl's corporate performances headlines entertainment for awards banquets, annual meetings, conferences and conventions. He is also brought in for customer appreciation events, luncheons, holiday parties and team building.

A comedian for team building?

Team building activities are often a essential part of company events. One of the best ways to generate camaraderie among co-workers is creating a memorable shared experience.

“Laughter fits that scenario perfectly,” says Crowl. “When you can generate convulsive laughter over something the audience deals with daily, they will recall and share that moment again and again, long after the event.”

Crowl's program also spurs the imagination. Ventriloquism allows the audience to set aside reality. “It is amazing to watch people become engrossed in a character interaction only to be jolted back to the reality that there is only one person on stage.” said Crowl.

Audience interaction plays a huge role in Tom's performances. “A corporate entertainer needs to keep the audience engaged. An audience consists of a bunch of individuals, each with their own likes, dislikes and train of thought. My job is to interact with them on a personal level and pull them into the performance. The show isn't about me, it is about them. They are the true stars of the show.”

Crowl is currently accepting corporate entertainment bookings in Baltimore, Maryland and internationally. If you'd like to make your next corporate event contact our office today. We'd be happy to hear about your plans and needs to see if Tom's style of corporate comedy would be a good fit.

Contact Tom now for Corporate Entertainment in Baltimore, DC, Delaware and Philadelphia.

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Corporate Dinner Entertainment Ideas

Corporate Dinner Entertainment Ideas

Corporate Dinner Entertainment Ideas That Can Make Your Event Memorable

Tackling the task of planning entertainment for your company's awards, holiday party or client appreciation dinner?

While some planners try to play it safe by booking corporate entertainers they have used in the past, that can backfire. Even if the entertainer changes their act, it feels the same. The event becomes bland and interest starts to dwindle.

These corporate dinner entertainment ideas can help you keep things exciting.

Before You Book Entertainment:

Look at your objectives:

What is the purpose of the event? Is the entertainment just for fun? Or should they incorporate a message the management wants remembered?

Consider your audience:

Take a good look at your event. Has the company held this dinner before? What have they done for entertainment? What has been popular? What has failed? These insights will provide you with direction.

Is it a first time event? What other events does your company host? Do they use entertainment? Ask the same questions as above. This information will provide you with a working knowledge of company tastes.

Look at your venue:

Before you plan entertainment, get an idea of your event space. If it is small, a band may not be a viable option. Have columns that block views? A visual act like a magician may not be a good selection.

Dinner entertainment ideas & options:

Before dinner entertainment ideas:

If you are hosting a cocktail hour, are you encouraging networking? One way to do that is use a professional icebreaker. Magicians Mike Rose or David Ranalli are an excellent option for this. They'll get people laughing and interacting, making your cocktail hour into a party.

Perhaps your event is a bit more subdued. You need a more elegant before dinner entertainment solution. Try a harpist, or a classical music instrumentalists. They add a level of ambiance that elevates your evening.

During dinner entertainment ideas:

When people eat, they focus on the food and table conversation. This is a horrible time to have a speaker or stage entertainment. Your guests will divide their attention. You and your management will be unhappy with the results.

That said, during dinner entertainment can be successful if properly presented. One great example of this are Wacky Waiters. These physical clowns pose as regular wait staff. Their ineptness grows as the meal goes on. By the time the true insanity hits, everyone will enjoy a laugh knowing they were “had” by these imposters.

After dinner entertainment ideas:

When it comes time to contract the after dinner corporate entertainment, ask yourself how you can change things up while appealing to similar tastes.

Has your company hired a corporate comedian or magician in the past? If your audiences like to laugh, a ventriloquist may be the perfect solution!

Ventriloquists are visual, like magicians, and can rival any comic if you select the right one. Another benefit of the corporate ventriloquist is the fact they can tie your message and people into the program. This personalized comedy rivets your audience and makes them wonder what will happen next.

Perhaps your evening's entertainment will consist of a keynote speaker. Magician Nathan Coe Marsh works with companies to create amazing magical appearances. Your speaker, CEO or president could appear on-stage to excite the audience.

Looking for “Wow!” factor? Juggler Charles Peachock of America's Got Talent fame takes visuals to the next level. From amazing skill to exciting staging and audience participation, Charles never fails to deliver.

Let's talk about your event:

These are just a few corporate dinner entertainment ideas to help you get started. If you'd like to discuss your event we'd be happy to help make your company dinner memorable!

Contact us now for more Dinner Entertainment Ideas …

Hire Variety Acts To Entertain Your Audience

Hire Variety Acts To Entertain Your Audience

Hire Variety Acts And Entertainers

Variety acts are a genre of entertainment that gets the name because of a history performing in variety shows. These shows would feature many styles of entertainment in one program. Thus – a variety of acts.

Variety shows have been around for centuries. The earliest versions on record are traveling circuses. A circus consists of short entertainment segments featuring aerialists, clowns, lion tamers and acrobats. These humble beginnings have taken variety artists to new heights.

Vaudeville – a list of variety acts.

Singers, magicians, jugglers and other forms of variety entertainment eventually moved indoors. British music halls would offer an evening of variety acts for one low price.

Vaudeville sprung from this example. Variety acts were in demand to fill spots in theaters. Vaudeville shows read like a list of variety acts: Ventriloquists, Magicians, Singers, Sword swallowers, Comedians, Mimes, Jugglers, Aerialists, Fire eaters, Animal acts, Musicians, Hypnotists, Unicyclists, Escape artists, Dancers, Puppeteers, Mindreaders, Trampoline acts, Instrumentalists, Plate Spinners, Acrobats, Marionettes, Stilt Walkers, Balloon Artists, Actors, Bands, Impressionists and others …

When vaudeville died, many variety acts found themselves out of work. Others moved to the medium of radio, which didn't help visual acts. One exception was ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. His characters and voices were so vivid they seemed like real people to audiences.

Television spawned a new era for variety entertainment. Variety shows filled the airwaves. Ed Sullivan hosted variety acts including a young band known as The Beatles.

Today, television shows such as America's Got Talent and the Voice are modern day variety shows disquised as talent shows.

One staple of the variety show, they are fast paced and constantly offering the audience something new to watch. The goal of a variety show is to keep people entertained.

Want to hire professional variety acts?

If you are looking for variety entertainers to entertain your audience, contact our office today. Ventriloquist Tom Crowl has worked with some of the finest variety acts in the business. If his program is not right for your event or budget, he will do his best to direct you to someone that will help make your event a success.

Contact us to hire variety acts …

Ideas for Corporate Party Entertainment

Ideas for Corporate Party Entertainment

Need ideas for corporate party entertainment?

If you are looking for corporate party entertainment ideas, this is the place. If you are searching for team building party games, try this link: Fun Activities For Corporate Events.

Corporate parties have different purposes. Some offer co-workers a chance to mingle, engage and bond with one another. Others are recognition events to highlight achievements. The party may be to blow off some steam and help people relax. No matter what type of party you plan, the entertainment should mirror your event's purpose.

Finding fun entertainment for adults that will appeal to a wide range of tastes isn't easy. Everyone likes different things. For that reason we offer you these ideas with some caveats to consider.

One thing people have in common is they love to laugh. When guests are laughing, they relax and have a good time. This reflects well on your event.

A corporate comedian may be the perfect choice for your event entertainment. The best corporate comedians tailor their material to your company, message, event and audience. That ensures a program that will capture attention and keep everyone involved.

There are many different types of corporate comedians:

  • stand up comedians,
  • comedy ventriloquists,
  • magicians,
  • jugglers and
  • hypnotists

are popular entertainment for a corporate party.

One benefit of the comedian is their technical requirements are generally limited. That makes it an easy program to produce and stage, which saves your budget.

Many event planners rely on musical entertainment even though it doesn't always fit the bill. Musical tastes vary widely. If you have a wide span of age ranges it is very tough to please everyone. If your event's purpose is networking and bonding, music can be a poor choice. Music levels can make communicating difficult. The moment someone leaves the room to talk, you've lost their attention for your event.

If you do decide to select a musical act, consider your audience and theme. Would a soloist, duo or trio work in your environment? Are you looking for a cover band? Or maybe a DJ? How much space, staging and tech will they need? What are their electrical requirements? Can they easily adapt to your audience?

Other ideas for corporate party entertainment include:

  • Karaoke,
  • Living Statues,
  • Caricature Artists,
  • Roving Entertainment,
  • Wacky Waiters,
  • Food Preparation Stations,
  • Show Bartenders,
  • Singers,
  • Casino games
  • and Photo Booths

If you want to engage your crowd with high energy corporate entertainment:

Contact Our Office Now

We look forward to hearing about your event and offering suggestions to make it memorable!

Ventriloquist Performers Popularity Rises

Ventriloquist Performers Popularity Rises

The popularity of ventriloquist performers is on the rise in the United States.

This is in part thanks to televised performances on the Comedy Central network and America's Got Talent. Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has achieved international fame. Ventriloquists Terry Fator & Paul Zerdin won the hearts of millions of Americans when they won the AGT competition.

While many think these performers revived ventriloquism, the truth is, ventriloquists have always been popular. Edgar Bergen and his characters Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd were major stars in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

Ventriloquist Paul Winchell was another star of early television. His vocal abilities created the voice of many popular cartoons. Most people are familiar with one of his most famous characterizations – Tigger in Walt Disney's Winnie The Pooh.

Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson made the Nestle' Chocolate jingle famous. Ventriloquist Shari Lewis used the art to entertain and educate generations of children.

There were other famous ventriloquist performers that when mentioned by name spark memories in many. These connections, along with the current visibility make ventriloquism an art that is on the move.

If you are considering a ventriloquist comedian for your next event, here are some things to keep in mind …

Ventriloquism isn't an easy art. There is a very small number of professional performers.

Ventriloquist performers tend to specialize in specific areas. Some are kid show performers, working everything from birthday parties and libraries to school shows.

Other ventriloquists perform for adult audiences. This could include corporate performances or edgier comedy clubs.

If you are looking for a performer to entertain your group, contact us today. Why?

Tom is the creator of Learn-Ventriloquism, recognized as one of the best on-line course on ventriloquism available. He is also a co-founder of the International Ventriloquist Society. Tom is friends with some of the best ventriloquists in the world. He is happy to hear your event needs and make recommendations to help you entertain your guests.

Contact us now – we look forward to talking with you.

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Hire Event Entertainment That Works With You

Hire Event Entertainment That Works With You

Hire Event Entertainment You Can Count On …

If you need to hire event entertainment for your:

  • awards dinner
  • casino
  • comedy night
  • conference
  • convention
  • corporate function
  • employee recognition
  • fair
  • festival
  • fundraiser
  • gala
  • meeting
  • private party
  • product launch
  • team building acitivity or
  • theatre program

– talk to Tom.

A corporate comedian ventriloquist with 30+ years experience in the event entertainment industry, he can help you find and hire the perfect program for your event.

If you want a relaxed crowd in a great mood, comedy is an excellent choice. A high-energy comedian, Tom works with you to incorporate your message, theme and guests. The result is a personalized comedy show that excites the audience and breathes life into your event.

While comedy is a popular and growing trend in the event entertainment business, your vision may be different. No problem.

A network of event entertainment specialists who can help.

With the relationships developed over his years in the business, we work with you to make informed recommendations. The event entertainers and agencies in our files provide exceptional service & quality programs.

From variety performers such as magicians, hypnotists, jugglers, fire acts, whip artists and mentalists to premier musicians and bands, we can help.

Tom has worked with each act or agency he recommends. They have proven themselves in their high levels of performance and customer service. Your event is the only thing that matters and these event entertainers will give you the attention you deserve.

Please note – we do not charge or accept commissions for consulting or making event entertainment recommendations. We simply want you to have an amazing event.

Add “Wow” to your upcoming event when you hire quality event entertainment. We'll work with you to bring your event vision to life. Contact our office to start the conversation now:

Click here to start your event entertainment consultation …

More than you expect – first class event entertainment.

In addition to providing corporate entertainment for events throughout the United States, Tom also helps planners host better events. Click below to check out his interviews with event specialists on:

The Savvy Event Planner Podcast

Comedian With Puppet | Ventriloquist | Prop Comedian

Comedian With Puppet | Ventriloquist | Prop Comedian

What is a Comedian with Puppet Characters?

Puppet comedians and magicians are often looked down upon in the comedy world. In the “business”, many feel “real” comedians don't need to rely on props.

Working with puppets or props don't make a comedian less talented. In fact, they tend to draw bigger laughs and are usually more memorable than their counterparts. At the end of the show, the audience's enjoyment is what matters.

Perhaps the most famous comedian with a puppet is Jeff Dunham. Jeff's specials on Comedy Central have broken network records. YouTube videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist propelled Jeff to international fame. His live show sells out arenas around the world. Forbes Magazine lists Dunham as the top touring comedian thanks to his record ticket sales.

Terry Fator and Paul Zerdin are other comedians with puppets that have achieved considerable fame. Both won different seasons of America's Got Talent and now headline in Las Vegas. Fator became the first reality contest winner to receive a $100 million contract when he signed to headline at the Mirage casino.

The success of these ventriloquists heightened the public's interest in this form of comedy. Unfortunately there are few skilled performers. Comedy is far from easy. Add to that the integration of a puppet that seems to move and act of it's own accord and you have a complex act that must appear effortless.

A good ventriloquist is fun to watch.

The comedian positions him or herself to become the buffer or straightman to the puppet's antics. The performer becomes the butt of many of the jokes, exonerating the comedian from blame. Puppet's are less threatening by nature, which allows the ventriloquist to address subjects other can not.

A bad ventriloquist is painful to watch.

The comedy is stale and the puppet is lifeless. Because good ventriloquists make the skill look so easy, some people who dabble with puppets seem to think they don't need to practice. These results are obvious in their performances.

If you are looking for a comedian with puppets to entertain your group, contact our office today. Tom is considered one of the top professional ventriloquists in the United States. If he is not the right comedian for you, he is happy to direct you to someone who can help keep your audience laughing.

Contact Our Office Now …

Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment

Available for award banquets, conventions, conferences, sales meetings, holiday parties, product launches and company picnics.

Corporate event entertainment is challenging for planners. The variety of acts, corporate entertainers and entertainment agencies make it difficult to choose. The entertainment reflects on you. Who do you trust to put in front of your company or clients?

Fear of failure causes some corporate event planners to rely on the same entertainment year after year. The safe option can cause attendees to lose interest. When your event lacks originality the attendance begins to fall.

Some events become carbon copies of others. The rooms, the layouts, the food, the schedule and the entertainment feel like it has been done before. So how can you add that spark that makes your event memorable?

Personalize Your Corporate Event Entertainment

Too often event planners hire corporate entertainment to simply provide a program. That is a missed opportunity. Your event entertainment becomes fresh, exciting and relevant when it involves your company, message and people.

Tom's comedy ventriloquist act helps you do just that. Simple conversations help us understand your vision, your group and your objectives. Your information is woven throughout the program. It is corporate comedy that rivets your group's attention and keeps them laughing.

Get the attention and communication your event deserves. Contact our office today to discuss your corporate event entertainment needs.

Contact Tom Now

We look forward to working with you to create a program that your guests will love and talk about long beyond the event.

Searching for something different? Tom's 30 plus years in the corporate entertainment business have allowed him to work with some of the best corporate entertainers and agencies in the business. He would be happy to discuss your event and offer recommendations that will rock your event!

Corporate Banquet Entertainment Solutions

Corporate Banquet Entertainment Solutions

Solutions for your
Corporate Banquet Entertainment

You need entertainment for a corporate dinner and start searching the Internet. Chances are, that is how you wound up here. While we could dive in and start sharing how a comedy act would be the perfect solution, that wouldn't help you.

Before you make a decision to move forward with corporate entertainment for an after dinner event, here are some conversations you need to have with yourself and any entertainment you are considering:


What is the purpose of this dinner? Is it internal? Aimed at your workforce or a particular division? If so, why? What is the occasion? What is your desired outcome? Morale improvement? Recognition? Education?

Perhaps the dinner's purpose is external, aimed at your current or future clients. What message are you sharing? What branding or themes will you integrate? What will they need to know? How do you want them to feel?


Will this corporate banquet be a stand alone event? Maybe a holiday party or a recognition dinner. Or will it be part of a convention, exhibition, conference, workshop, meeting or trade show?


What is the demographic of your guests? Are they professionals? Blue collar? What is their social background? Their sex? Their age? Their likes and dislikes?


What is the venue? Large? Small? How many guests can be seated comfortably? Is there a staging area? What are the sight lines? What about logistics of loading and unloading equipment? What is the sound situation? Available space remove some varieties of corporate entertainment from consideration.


What is your entertainment budget? Some clients are afraid to reveal the financial situation because they are afraid an act or agency will take advantage of them. You wouldn't go shopping for a Telsa if you had a used car budget. Entertainment rates vary depending on the skill and demand of the entertainer. You won't get a celebrity for a birthday party budget. It is important to discuss your budget early in the process. Be open and candid. It could save you time and if the entertainment isn't in your budget, they may be able to direct you to someone that can help.

The success of your corporate banquet entertainment comes down to knowing your purpose and communicating with a corporate entertainer who can help you reach your objectives.

If you are searching for comedy entertainment to help reinforce your image, brand and message, while providing guests with a memorable experience, contact our office now.

Contact Us Now!

Tom would love to discuss your event and see how we can be of service.