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You need entertainment for a corporate dinner and start searching the Internet. Chances are, that is how you wound up here. While we could dive in and start sharing how a comedy act would be the perfect solution, that wouldn't help you.

Before you make a decision to move forward with corporate entertainment for an after dinner event, here are some conversations you need to have with yourself and any entertainment you are considering:


What is the purpose of this dinner? Is it internal? Aimed at your workforce or a particular division? If so, why? What is the occasion? What is your desired outcome? Morale improvement? Recognition? Education?

Perhaps the dinner's purpose is external, aimed at your current or future clients. What message are you sharing? What branding or themes will you integrate? What will they need to know? How do you want them to feel?


Will this corporate banquet be a stand alone event? Maybe a holiday party or a recognition dinner. Or will it be part of a convention, exhibition, conference, workshop, meeting or trade show?


What is the demographic of your guests? Are they professionals? Blue collar? What is their social background? Their sex? Their age? Their likes and dislikes?


What is the venue? Large? Small? How many guests can be seated comfortably? Is there a staging area? What are the sight lines? What about logistics of loading and unloading equipment? What is the sound situation? Available space remove some varieties of corporate entertainment from consideration.


What is your entertainment budget? Some clients are afraid to reveal the financial situation because they are afraid an act or agency will take advantage of them. You wouldn't go shopping for a Telsa if you had a used car budget. Entertainment rates vary depending on the skill and demand of the entertainer. You won't get a celebrity for a birthday party budget. It is important to discuss your budget early in the process. Be open and candid. It could save you time and if the entertainment isn't in your budget, they may be able to direct you to someone that can help.

The success of your corporate banquet entertainment comes down to knowing your purpose and communicating with a corporate entertainer who can help you reach your objectives.

If you are searching for comedy entertainment to help reinforce your image, brand and message, while providing guests with a memorable experience, contact our office now.

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