What is a Comedian with Puppet Characters?

Puppet comedians and magicians are often looked down upon in the comedy world. In the “business”, many feel “real” comedians don’t need to rely on props.

Working with puppets or props don’t make a comedian less talented. In fact, they tend to draw bigger laughs and are usually more memorable than their counterparts. At the end of the show, the audience’s enjoyment is what matters.

Perhaps the most famous comedian with a puppet is Jeff Dunham. Jeff’s specials on Comedy Central have broken network records. YouTube videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist propelled Jeff to international fame. His live show sells out arenas around the world. Forbes Magazine lists Dunham as the top touring comedian thanks to his record ticket sales.

Terry Fator and Paul Zerdin are other comedians with puppets that have achieved considerable fame. Both won different seasons of America’s Got Talent and now headline in Las Vegas. Fator became the first reality contest winner to receive a $100 million contract when he signed to headline at the Mirage casino.

The success of these ventriloquists heightened the public’s interest in this form of comedy. Unfortunately there are few skilled performers. Comedy is far from easy. Add to that the integration of a puppet that seems to move and act of it’s own accord and you have a complex act that must appear effortless.

A good ventriloquist is fun to watch.

The comedian positions him or herself to become the buffer or straightman to the puppet’s antics. The performer becomes the butt of many of the jokes, exonerating the comedian from blame. Puppet’s are less threatening by nature, which allows the ventriloquist to address subjects other can not.

A bad ventriloquist is painful to watch.

The comedy is stale and the puppet is lifeless. Because good ventriloquists make the skill look so easy, some people who dabble with puppets seem to think they don’t need to practice. These results are obvious in their performances.

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