If the title of this article sounds like a soap opera, it is fitting because the past year has been full of drama. Now, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as corporate events return.

Planning a post pandemic corporate event?

There will be a lot of new things to consider. Covid-19 and the way it has been handled has created a slew of side effects that you will need to deal with.

While some are eager to resume a normal life, others are fearful of participating again. It can actually feel weird to be in a group of people.

There are those who want to ditch the masks. Others want to double mask. And of course, those who will create issues if they feel others aren't following their standards of safety. (Even if they aren't the Covid-19 standards recommended by the CDC!)

While many are being vaccinated, others refuse to get the vaccine due to religious or personal beliefs.

Throw into that mix the variety of new Covid strains emerging and as an organizer, you are faced with a nightmare of challenges.

Different states have different rules. One state may shut you down by limiting gathering sizes. Another may be wide open.

Indoor events may require reduced attendance due to social distancing requirements. Travel restrictions may cause issues if you are trying to bring in people from overseas.

And if the event does happen, how can you appeal to this diverse audience made even more diverse by this turn of events?

This makes your post pandemic corporate events entertainment even more important.

How can you bring together a group and make them feel like a part of something while they are still six feet apart?

Music only serves to drown out conversations and provides no real audience bonding. Let's face it, social distanced dancing is not going to appeal to many in your group.

I'd like to suggest corporate comedy. But you should be wary.

Is a Corporate Comedian right for a post pandemic event?

The politically correct, woke movement has everyone treading on thin ice.

Comedy by it's very nature pokes fun at norms and that means someone may get offended. Even if the comedian avoids politics and other hot button topics, a simple phrase could set someone off.

As a corporate event planner, you have enough things on your plate without having to deal with a situation caused by the wrong entertainment.

That is why as a comedy ventriloquist specializing in corporate entertainment, I have an edge over other forms of corporate comedy. The bizarre nature of a puppet making observations is hardly grounds for offense!

My characters interact with your audience in a custom presentation designed specifically for your event. Your people will be the stars of the show while staying in their seats.

It is riveting entertainment that can hammer home your event's theme while keeping everyone laughing. And your audience will thank you for the fun.

If you are in charge of a post pandemic corporate event, I invite you to reach out. Just email me at: tom@comedyventriloquist.com and I will hop on the phone with you.

I'd love to hear more about your event plans, needs and see if I can be of service.

Plus you don't have to sweat, as a ventriloquist, I can't wear a mask – but I am vaccinated and looking forward to keeping your group in hysterics.

It is time to laugh again!