Corporate comedy
is not like regular
stand up comedy gigs.

Business comedians follow different guidelines than their comedy club brethren. The contrast is exemplified in the following case study:

Event planners hired a stand up comedian for several corporate comedy gigs. His use of foul language caused extreme discomfort for the audience. In a regular setting, the comedian would have been funny. In the corporate setting, no one wanted to laugh at the politically incorrect material. The comedian was stopped midway into his program. His inappropriate “entertainment” caused great embarrassment to the event planner. The business owner was not happy, and the comedian lost the remaining dates of his contract.

This situation is the horror story of many a troubled event planners and corporate comedians. It has happened more than once and makes planners weary when using comedians. The reason these embarrassing situations arise is simple. Many comedians fail to realize the significant different between regular and corporate comedy.

Most comedians gain experience by performing at open mics in comedy clubs and lounges. They often use of shock value to draw laughs from the crowd. This type of humor will not work in the corporate events. Many stand up comedians consider their performances an exercise in freedom of speech. They develop a signature style and speak to a specific audience.

Corporate comedians perceive their performances as a representation of the company. They develop a style that allows them to speak to the client's target audience. Business comedians understand their act will have a profound impact on the success of a corporate event. As a corporate entertainer, they seek to represent the company's interest in the best possible way.

corporate comedyCorporate comedy is a specialized field that involves consulting with clients. The entertainer needs to understand the client's goals for the performance. Corporate comedy gigs need personalized material designed for the target audience. Respect is also an integral component of corporate comedy. No one may be embarrassed or made the butt of a joke.

Often the goal of the corporate entertainment is to incorporate the company's message. The business comedian must be able to work the message into his or her act in a favorable way.

Event planners can escape embarrassing situations by clearly conveying their needs. They should express all taboos and requirements at the consultation stage. This happens well before moving ahead with contracts. If the comedian can not fulfill the client's needs, there are other comedians that can.

It is also important that corporate comedians are properly framed for presentation. The audience must be close to the stage. Do not obstruct views so guests can see the stage. Sound should be directional, set to come from the stage area, not ceiling speakers. The stage must be lit so the comedian may command attention. These tips allow corporate entertainers to command the room. When not followed, a comedian may feel the need to use shock humor to grab attention.

If you hire a corporate comedian with experience in your industry, you have greater chance of success. Their reputation provides you confidence in knowing you will avoid the embarrassing situation. After all, you don't need the extra headache of worrying about your corporate entertainment.

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