Top 10 Talented Ventriloquists

Top 10 Talented Ventriloquists

Earlier today a friend contacted me to say he had made the Top 10 list of ventriloquist comedians. He hadn't seen the article yet, but I laughed at his closing words, “Maybe you did too!”

About a year ago my article writer created a list of Top 10 Ventriloquists Recommendations. I felt kind of odd that I was included on that list. Especially since it was to appear on my own website.

I was told I deserved to be there. She pointed out that my specialty is helping people find the perfect entertainment for their event. By talking to them, if I wasn't a good match, I could help them find a ventriloquist comedian that was.

After talking with my friend, another tagged me with a link to the article on FaceBook. I naturally checked it out. lists the Top Ten of Everything In The World. If you haven't seen the site, you should check it out!

There, on the Top Ten Ventriloquist Comedian page, I was listed at number ten, top of the page. I am honored to be among the greats of our art. Many I have met or had conversations with. I only regret never getting a chance to meet Paul Winchell or Edgar Bergen before they passed away.

A few years back, I was included in the CyberVent All Star Ventriloquist Collectors Card Series. My picture sits beside Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator & Jay Johnson. Incredible company!

And now, the Top 10 Ventriloquist Comedians list. My sincere thanks to for the honor. It was a nice surprise to start my day!

Hire Variety Acts To Entertain Your Audience

Hire Variety Acts To Entertain Your Audience

Hire Variety Acts And Entertainers

Variety acts are a genre of entertainment that gets the name because of a history performing in variety shows. These shows would feature many styles of entertainment in one program. Thus – a variety of acts.

Variety shows have been around for centuries. The earliest versions on record are traveling circuses. A circus consists of short entertainment segments featuring aerialists, clowns, lion tamers and acrobats. These humble beginnings have taken variety artists to new heights.

Vaudeville – a list of variety acts.

Singers, magicians, jugglers and other forms of variety entertainment eventually moved indoors. British music halls would offer an evening of variety acts for one low price.

Vaudeville sprung from this example. Variety acts were in demand to fill spots in theaters. Vaudeville shows read like a list of variety acts: Ventriloquists, Magicians, Singers, Sword swallowers, Comedians, Mimes, Jugglers, Aerialists, Fire eaters, Animal acts, Musicians, Hypnotists, Unicyclists, Escape artists, Dancers, Puppeteers, Mindreaders, Trampoline acts, Instrumentalists, Plate Spinners, Acrobats, Marionettes, Stilt Walkers, Balloon Artists, Actors, Bands, Impressionists and others …

When vaudeville died, many variety acts found themselves out of work. Others moved to the medium of radio, which didn't help visual acts. One exception was ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. His characters and voices were so vivid they seemed like real people to audiences.

Television spawned a new era for variety entertainment. Variety shows filled the airwaves. Ed Sullivan hosted variety acts including a young band known as The Beatles.

Today, television shows such as America's Got Talent and the Voice are modern day variety shows disquised as talent shows.

One staple of the variety show, they are fast paced and constantly offering the audience something new to watch. The goal of a variety show is to keep people entertained.

Want to hire professional variety acts?

If you are looking for variety entertainers to entertain your audience, contact our office today. Ventriloquist Tom Crowl has worked with some of the finest variety acts in the business. If his program is not right for your event or budget, he will do his best to direct you to someone that will help make your event a success.

Contact us to hire variety acts …

Ventriloquist Performers Popularity Rises

Ventriloquist Performers Popularity Rises

The popularity of ventriloquist performers is on the rise in the United States.

This is in part thanks to televised performances on the Comedy Central network and America's Got Talent. Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has achieved international fame. Ventriloquists Terry Fator & Paul Zerdin won the hearts of millions of Americans when they won the AGT competition.

While many think these performers revived ventriloquism, the truth is, ventriloquists have always been popular. Edgar Bergen and his characters Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd were major stars in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

Ventriloquist Paul Winchell was another star of early television. His vocal abilities created the voice of many popular cartoons. Most people are familiar with one of his most famous characterizations – Tigger in Walt Disney's Winnie The Pooh.

Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson made the Nestle' Chocolate jingle famous. Ventriloquist Shari Lewis used the art to entertain and educate generations of children.

There were other famous ventriloquist performers that when mentioned by name spark memories in many. These connections, along with the current visibility make ventriloquism an art that is on the move.

If you are considering a ventriloquist comedian for your next event, here are some things to keep in mind …

Ventriloquism isn't an easy art. There is a very small number of professional performers.

Ventriloquist performers tend to specialize in specific areas. Some are kid show performers, working everything from birthday parties and libraries to school shows.

Other ventriloquists perform for adult audiences. This could include corporate performances or edgier comedy clubs.

If you are looking for a performer to entertain your group, contact us today. Why?

Tom is the creator of Learn-Ventriloquism, recognized as one of the best on-line course on ventriloquism available. He is also a co-founder of the International Ventriloquist Society. Tom is friends with some of the best ventriloquists in the world. He is happy to hear your event needs and make recommendations to help you entertain your guests.

Contact us now – we look forward to talking with you.

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Comedian With Puppet | Ventriloquist | Prop Comedian

Comedian With Puppet | Ventriloquist | Prop Comedian

What is a Comedian with Puppet Characters?

Puppet comedians and magicians are often looked down upon in the comedy world. In the “business”, many feel “real” comedians don't need to rely on props.

Working with puppets or props don't make a comedian less talented. In fact, they tend to draw bigger laughs and are usually more memorable than their counterparts. At the end of the show, the audience's enjoyment is what matters.

Perhaps the most famous comedian with a puppet is Jeff Dunham. Jeff's specials on Comedy Central have broken network records. YouTube videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist propelled Jeff to international fame. His live show sells out arenas around the world. Forbes Magazine lists Dunham as the top touring comedian thanks to his record ticket sales.

Terry Fator and Paul Zerdin are other comedians with puppets that have achieved considerable fame. Both won different seasons of America's Got Talent and now headline in Las Vegas. Fator became the first reality contest winner to receive a $100 million contract when he signed to headline at the Mirage casino.

The success of these ventriloquists heightened the public's interest in this form of comedy. Unfortunately there are few skilled performers. Comedy is far from easy. Add to that the integration of a puppet that seems to move and act of it's own accord and you have a complex act that must appear effortless.

A good ventriloquist is fun to watch.

The comedian positions him or herself to become the buffer or straightman to the puppet's antics. The performer becomes the butt of many of the jokes, exonerating the comedian from blame. Puppet's are less threatening by nature, which allows the ventriloquist to address subjects other can not.

A bad ventriloquist is painful to watch.

The comedy is stale and the puppet is lifeless. Because good ventriloquists make the skill look so easy, some people who dabble with puppets seem to think they don't need to practice. These results are obvious in their performances.

If you are looking for a comedian with puppets to entertain your group, contact our office today. Tom is considered one of the top professional ventriloquists in the United States. If he is not the right comedian for you, he is happy to direct you to someone who can help keep your audience laughing.

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Comedian Ventriloquist

Comedian Ventriloquist

Comedian Ventriloquist
A One Man Comedy Team

Tom Crowl has an interesting job. He is a stand up comedian ventriloquist. His act has entertained audiences internationally. Tom has appeared on cruise ships and at five star resorts. Crowl specializes in corporate and association event entertainment. He performs at events throughout the United States.

When Tom works, people laugh at him …

Some people see a puppet and think the show must be for kids. Wrong!

Ventriloquists are popular …

Jeff Dunham is one of today's most popular comedian ventriloquists. His act has achieved mega-stardom. A video clip of character Achmed the Dead Terrorist went viral on YouTube. His comedy specials hold rating records on Comedy Central.

Jimmy Nelson, a famous comedian ventriloquist of the 1950's inspired Dunham. Comedian ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, star of radio & movies, inspired Nelson.

An Imaginary Comedy Team

Ventriloquist Fred Russell was the first to use a puppet to create the comedy team format. Comedy teams have always been extremely popular with audiences. Distinct personalities play off one another to keep laughs flying.

Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy and Martin & Lewis are comedy legends. Their antics still cause people to laugh out loud generations later.

You also see comedy teams on television. Sitcoms feature a diverse cast with interactions and situations that draw audiences weekly.

Imagine turning that power loose on your audience!

A ventriloquist has the ability to create characters with elements of parody. The absurdity relieves tensions, adding a level of preposterous insanity. It allows the comedian to address topics in ways tno other entertainment can.

Comedy is not easy.

It takes more than a puppet to make people laugh. It takes awareness, engagement, timing and interactions. A good comedian understands how to control the stage, work the room & connect with the audience.

Ventriloquism is not easy.

The art of creating life in an inanimate object requires skills. If the audience doesn't “buy into” the illusion, no form of entertainment more painful to watch.

When you combine the talents you get the rarest of them all, the comedian ventriloquist. They bring endless possibilities of interaction and customization to your event.

There are only a handful of skilled comedian ventriloquists around. That adds to the unique nature of seeing the talent live. If you are searching for something different for your next event, contact our office today. Your audience will thank you.

Let's Talk About Your Event!

Stand up Comedy Ventriloquist Rocks Shows

Want your audience to laugh? Make stand up comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl your first call. A world class ventriloquist, peers and audiences respect Tom's comedy skills. Ventriloquists voted him into the first edition CyberVent ventriloquist collector cards. Other ventriloquists to receive this honor include Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, and Nina Conti.

Tom's quick wit, hilarious delivery and clean to PG-13 rated material make him a hit with audiences of all ages. Personalized programs tailored to your event allow the audience to become a part of the show. Crowl's style allows him to poke fun at the corporate culture without offense.

Clients from coast to coast hire Tom to make their events memorable. His show business credentials include performances for fortune 500 companies, national associations, theaters, resorts and television. Crowl has also opened concerts for country music stars and legends of rock and roll.

Every year, Tom's clients showcase his comedy at corporate events, conventions, & special events across the U.S. If you want to make your event fun, keep your guests laughing and look great doing it – talk to Tom today.

Your guests will thank you for making the investment in one of the top stand up comedy ventriloquists working today.