Comedian Ventriloquist
A One Man Comedy Team

Tom Crowl has an interesting job. He is a stand up comedian ventriloquist. His act has entertained audiences internationally. Tom has appeared on cruise ships and at five star resorts. Crowl specializes in corporate and association event entertainment. He performs at events throughout the United States.

When Tom works, people laugh at him …

Some people see a puppet and think the show must be for kids. Wrong!

Ventriloquists are popular …

Jeff Dunham is one of today's most popular comedian ventriloquists. His act has achieved mega-stardom. A video clip of character Achmed the Dead Terrorist went viral on YouTube. His comedy specials hold rating records on Comedy Central.

Jimmy Nelson, a famous comedian ventriloquist of the 1950's inspired Dunham. Comedian ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, star of radio & movies, inspired Nelson.

An Imaginary Comedy Team

Ventriloquist Fred Russell was the first to use a puppet to create the comedy team format. Comedy teams have always been extremely popular with audiences. Distinct personalities play off one another to keep laughs flying.

Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy and Martin & Lewis are comedy legends. Their antics still cause people to laugh out loud generations later.

You also see comedy teams on television. Sitcoms feature a diverse cast with interactions and situations that draw audiences weekly.

Imagine turning that power loose on your audience!

A ventriloquist has the ability to create characters with elements of parody. The absurdity relieves tensions, adding a level of preposterous insanity. It allows the comedian to address topics in ways tno other entertainment can.

Comedy is not easy.

It takes more than a puppet to make people laugh. It takes awareness, engagement, timing and interactions. A good comedian understands how to control the stage, work the room & connect with the audience.

Ventriloquism is not easy.

The art of creating life in an inanimate object requires skills. If the audience doesn't “buy into” the illusion, no form of entertainment more painful to watch.

When you combine the talents you get the rarest of them all, the comedian ventriloquist. They bring endless possibilities of interaction and customization to your event.

There are only a handful of skilled comedian ventriloquists around. That adds to the unique nature of seeing the talent live. If you are searching for something different for your next event, contact our office today. Your audience will thank you.

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