Why are the top ventriloquists considered by their clients and peers to be among the best? As an event planner, it is important to know before you hire a ventriloquist.

When looking for entertainment for an event, a ventriloquist could be the perfect answer. Ventriloquist comedy is popular right now thanks to television and the Internet. Billions of YouTube views and Comedy Central specials, have exposed the public to the art.

Top 10 ventriloquistsVentriloquism is seldom seen in a live entertainment setting. The number of magicians, jugglers and even mimes dwarfs the number of professional ventriloquists. Why? The art of bringing puppets to life through ventriloquism is a difficult skill to master. If you don’t believe us, watch a bad ventriloquist. It is a painful experience.

When you watch skilled ventriloquists, you suspend your belief and accept the puppet as a separate entity. Funny comedians with puppets generate tons of laughter customized to your audience and event.

If you want to add ventriloquist comedy, here is our list of top ventriloquists to consider. (This list is in no particular order.)

  • Jeff Dunham – Jeff is currently the highest grossing touring comedian in the world according to Forbes Magazine. His irreverent comedy sets Jeff apart from his peers. Thanks to the creation of Achmed The Dead Terrorist, Jeff’s fan base now spans the world. His television specials on Comedy Central set viewing records for the cable station.
  • top 10 ventriloquist Terry FatorTerry Fator – Terry struggled for decades before gaining fame as the winner of America’s Got Talent. His ability to do impersonations is uncanny. As a vocalist, Terry imitates musical hits that rival the originals. Using ventriloquism, his puppets sing in the style of top music stars.
  • David Strassman – David is an American ventriloquist who gained fame on the other side of the globe. He plays sold out theater shows in Australia, New Zealand and England. When he returns to America, he enjoys his anonymity. David is most noted for developing strong personalities for his characters.
  • Paul Zerdin – A U.K. ventriloquist, Paul is a favorite on television, at theaters and in Fringe Festivals. Paul is often found entertaining on the Disney Cruise Line. His peers know Paul for his quick wit, impeccable skills and charm.
  • Nina Conti – Nina also hails from the United Kingdom. Nina’s comedy with her puppet Monk has brought her television fame in both the U.K. and United States. Her incredible ability for ad-libbing material, earns respect in the ventriloquist community.
  • top 10 ventriloquist Jay JohnsonJay Johnson – Jay gained fame on the ground-breaking television show SOAP. In 2007, Jay was nominated for and won a Tony award for his one man Broadway show, The Two And Only. Known in the ventriloquist community for his excellent technique and rapid-fire delivery, Jay is a master of the art.
  • Mark Wade – Mark Wade is America’s Foremost Kid Show Ventriloquist. For over 35 years, Mark’s programs have inspired and educated children. In the ventriloquist community, Mark is best known for helping other ventriloquists improve. Mark has authored several books on ventriloquism. He is also the executive director of the International Ventriloquist Convention.
  • Taylor Mason – In 1990 Mason was the grand prize winner on Star Search, earning $100,000 and notoriety in the comedy world. Ventriloquists respect Taylor for his relaxed performance style and clean comedy. Taylor also has incredible musical talents envied by many.
  • Lynn Trefzger – Lynn is a hilarious female ventriloquist. She often entertains at colleges, on cruise ships, in theaters and on television. The ventriloquist community knows Lynn for her amazing skills and professionalism.
  • Tom Crowl – Tom has earned a living making people laugh for over 30 years. A corporate comedian ventriloquist, he travels the United States entertaining audiences. In the ventriloquist community, Tom is best known for his groundbreaking online ventriloquism course. Through virtual lessons, Crowl has taught ventriloquist skills to other entertainers around the world. Tom is also a founder of the International Ventriloquist Society. The I.V.S. is the art’s only professional organization.

If you want a standup comedian with puppets for your next live entertainment event, contact our office now. Tom is friends with most of the top ventriloquists in the world. He will be happy to help you select an act that will make your event a success.

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