The Ventriloquist Comedian That Will Keep Your Audiences Laughing

Ventriloquists are one of today’s hottest entertainment specialties.

“Did you see that ventriloquist on T.V.?”

“A ventriloquist won America's Got Talent again!”

(Three ventriloquists have won in 12 years – making the art extremely visible.)

Ventriloquists are selling out Las Vegas show rooms, hold the highest ratings on Comedy Central television and are headlining major comedy tours.

Unfortunately most people never see a ventriloquist in a live entertainment setting because there are so few professional ventriloquists.

ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and ventriloquist Tom Crowl
Jeff Dunham (Comedy Central) & Tom

Do You Recognize Any Of These Famous Ventriloquists?

ventriloquist Tom Crowl and ventriloquist Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson (Star of TV's SOAP/Tony Award Winner)
& Tom
ventriloquist Terry Fator and ventriloquist Tom Crowl
Terry Fator (Season 2 AGT Winner/Vegas Headliner)
& Tom
ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and ventriloquist Tom Crowl
Paul Zerdin (AGT Winner, Season 10)
& Tom
ventriloquist Tom Crowl and ventriloquist Jay Johnson
Darci Lynne (AGT Winner, Season 12)
& Tom

In 2017, Tom was named one of the
Top 10 Talented Ventriloquist Comedians In The World:

Here are ten of the most outstanding and famous ventriloquists who have blown the world away with their talent and exceptional abilities.

10. Tom Crowl

Tom Crowl has filled the room with happiness, enthusiasm, and energy for thirty years. The American ventriloquist had a rare talent whose purpose is to tickle the audience pink. Believe it or not, but Crowl has taken ventriloquism to a whole new level as he has started a trend setting online ventriloquism course, which made him the famous ventriloquist we know today. He has also shared his talent and taught ventriloquism skills to other ventriloquists around the world. The reason behind Tom’s fame and the fact that he is mentioned on this list is that he is a founder of the International Ventriloquist Society along with Ken Groves and Mark Wade, which is the ventriloquism art’s only professional organization.

Our Clients Are Talking …

Oxy Permian

“He is incredible to work with and does a wonderful job
personalizing his routine to fit the need of the client!”

Shanna B.
Oxy Permian, Midland, TX

“You will be hard to follow!! Everyone is still laughing about the
human puppets routine – loved it! Thanks again!”

Carma L.
Hutchinson Mayrath
Cumming County Feeders

“He was great!  Going to be hard to beat next year.”

Steve O.
Cumming County Feeders Association
Keystone Asset

“…customized the act … kept our group in stitches … It was perfect!”

Wendy M.
Keystone Asset Management

“Thank you so much – EVERYONE was raving about how great you were…”

Megan S.
Lancashire Hall

Ventriloquist Comedy That Brings Audiences To Their Feet!

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Dawna W.

OPS Consulting, LLC

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