After Dinner Entertainment That Will Be Remembered

You’ve planned a delicious dinner at a beautiful location.

Now you need after dinner entertainment that will keep people in their seats enjoying the evening. Tom understands the problem and works with you to keep your audience involved, laughing and having a marvelous time at your event.

After Dinner Entertainment
Customized For Your Event

Your program will be personalized to include your guests. They won’t just watch the show; they become a part of it. But don’t panic, everyone is treated with respect. Your guests and company are the stars of the evening.

“He is incredible to work with and does a wonderful job personalizing his routine to fit the need of the client!”

Shanna B.

Oxy Permian, Midland, TX.

We’ve all been to company dinners, appreciation banquets, awards banquets, holiday banquets and dinners at conventions and conferences. We’ve experienced highs and lows in food, décor, settings and after dinner entertainment. There are usually a few things that stand out:

after dinner entertainment

Was the food any good?

In some cases, the food was delicious; in others, not so much. You tend to remember the delicious meal where the prime rib melted in your mouth and the crab cake was all lump meat with no shell. You try to forget the cold roast beef that wouldn’t cut and couldn’t be swallowed.

after dinner entertainment

Was it nice?

Can you actually remember the color of the napkins or what flowers were in the centerpiece at a company dinner from last year? Chances are you can’t, unless you planned it and have the information on hand. You may remember the room looked nice, but smaller details, while important, don’t stay in our thoughts unless something genuinely stood out.

Service also plays a role in this memory. When the server is slow, or your feet hurt from standing in a long buffet line – you remember. Which leads us to …

Did you have a enjoyable time?

This memory is usually a result of the after dinner entertainment. Good or bad, the way the evening ends will become the lasting impression of your event. That is why you want to be sure you have great after dinner entertainment.

“Sometimes my crowd is hard to please, but they were blown away with Tom’s performance.”

Karen F.

Jerr-Dan Corporation

After Dinner Entertainment leaves the impression!

Think back to the dinner events you’ve attended. Ever been bored by a long speech? Suffered as the awards ceremonies dragged out? Seen people start texting or checking e-mail on their phone? (Maybe it was even you?) Watched chairs become vacant when people took a bathroom or smoke break and never returned? What about music? Has it ever been too loud? Or something you didn’t care for? Or maybe the D.J. wanted you to dance, but your feet were still sore from that buffet line?

After Dinner Entertainment Everyone Can Enjoy!

One thing people love is a good laugh. If you hire a comedian for after dinner entertainment, chances are your guests will give him or her a chance to tickle their funny bone. Once the comedian gets guests laughing, your audience will stay. The crowd will be relaxed and receptive for whatever follows!

” … thank you so much for making our party a success!!!”

April B.

Admiral Beverage

Comedy After Dinner Entertainment for Corporate Events

Tom provides programs for awards banquets, conferences, conventions, sales seminars, luncheons, fund raisers and other special events in all 50 states. Corporate entertainment is an important part of your event and he works with you to make it right.

Contact our office for a complimentary corporate event consultation. Let Tom work with you to create a personalized program that engages your guests and transforms your banquet into a memorable evening!

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