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Selecting a corporate comedian that can engage your guests, keep it clean and still make people laugh isn't easy. If the comedian you hire is not in tune with your corporate event needs, the joke ends up on you. And it isn't funny.

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“You will be hard to follow!! Everyone is still laughing about the human puppets routine – loved it! Thanks again!”

Carma L.

Hutchinson Mayrath

Everyone loves a good laugh. Laughter reduces stress and puts people at ease. It creates a shared experience they will remember. It is no wonder so many corporate event planners prefer to use a corporate comedian to make their affair a success.

But You Can't Take Chances …

You need an act that has handled the pressure of a corporate culture. People don't react the same at work as they do around friends. There are too many others watching, their co-workers and the boss. Comedy that works in a club or on Comedy Central won't fly in the corporate setting.

When the show starts, you want a comedian that understands he or she represents you and the company. After all, they won’t be standing in the boss’s office the next day if things don’t work out. Your comedian has to be professional, clean, funny and respectful.

” … an uproariously funny ending … a very entertaining evening.”

Ray M.

National Association of Postal Supervisors

Your event is too important to trust to a comedy club comedian.

You need to hire a corporate comedian that has experience customizing their material for clients. They must understand how to write a script that gets laughs while incorporating your people and message respectfully. Corporate comedians have years of experience making everyone from plant workers to CEO’s laugh. It is only through hundreds of performances in front of live audiences that a comedian can hone their skills.

You Need Dependability And Experience …

Tom is a professional corporate comedian who has perfected his skills over the past 30 years. He has experience at countless events just like yours. And he has made his clients shine! Tom understands how to work with you, solve your entertainment problems, involve your crowd and help your evening be a success.

“Everyone in our group would like to see him come back. We would recommend him to anyone!”

Shawn T.

Rada Manufacturing

Your Event Has To Be A Success!

Tom understands that and works with you to create personalized comedy event entertainment. Genuinely funny, clean and customized to your group, creating memories of your event that are going to last for a long, long time.

From a “rolling in the aisles” after dinner show to a product launch or sales message, relieve the stress and keep everyone smiling. Talk with Tom about your corporate comedy needs today.

“…customized the act … kept our group in stitches … It was perfect!”

Wendy M.

Keystone Asset Management

Need Another Reason To Hire A Corporate Comedian?

Corporate comedians can travel lighter than their variety entertainment counterparts. Magicians and jugglers need props to perform. That adds to baggage fees when flying an act across country. Tom's act fits in a carry-on. He never arrives without the show and you aren't frustrated with added travel expenses.

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From after dinner programs to company holiday parties, product launches to morning meetings, when you want a corporate entertainer that can provide clean corporate comedy, contact our office to discuss your needs.

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