Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas For Work

Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas For Work

Top 5 Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas For Work

A work Christmas party is a great way to allow your co-workers to relax and have fun. The party is a way to show exactly how much your firm appreciates all their hard work. Plus it makes the holiday season a bit more festive.

Planning a work Christmas party is a big job. But you have a major advantage over other types of corporate entertainment events. At holiday parties, everyone wants to have fun. So your job as the planner is to create a positive atmosphere. When the guests have a great time the event is remembered as a success.

And the biggest secret
to a successful holiday party
is to find the right entertainment!

Sure, you need great food and drink. But the entertainment for Christmas parties is what makes the event memorable.

Chances are you have a wide age range of employees. It can be difficult to appeal to everyone. That is why we put together this list of 5 holiday party entertainment ideas. Chances are good, one of these suggestions will be an answer your employees will love:



Tom with AGT Ventriloquist Darci Lynne

Seriously? Of course.

First, you have the age range issue solved:
Older employees will remember the days of Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Paul Winchell, Senor Wences or Shari Lewis & Lambchop.

Younger employees (and some older) may be fans of Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin or the young America's Got Talent ventriloquist Darci Lynne.

Second, you have something unique. There are only a handful of professional ventriloquists in the United States. Ventriloquism isn't a performance you often witness live.

Third, you have comedy. People love to laugh. A ventriloquist provides a mixture of comedy and visual appeal that a stand up comedian can't. Tom even personalizes his programs to create a unique show specific to your company.

… never failed to include the audience in every aspect of his show. By doing so, Tom Crowl created a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

– Abbi Murray – The Courier

So if you want to give your party a comedy boost a comedy ventriloquist is the way to go!



Let your employees shine. Although many prefer to relax during the holiday season, others enjoy the spotlight. If your office has talent, why not showcase it? Set up a few “judges” from your management team and do a take-off on AGT. Cash or gift card prizes and a bonus gift for everyone who participates can fuel memorable fun.

One note for this type of program though. While it can save your entertainment budget, there can be pitfalls. Acts that run too long, or a string of so-so acts can bring down the room's energy.

If you decide to try this type of holiday party entertainment, we suggest hiring a professional emcee. They help to coordinate the “acts” and keep the program moving. Plus a skilled emcee can gauge the energy of the room and save the show if things start to go south. While your co-worker may be funny and popular, the emcee spot is best left to someone with more experience.



Another fun holiday party idea for work is the dance competition. Let your guests show off their mad skills as the crowd cheers them on.

This event can be a feature if your holiday party uses a DJ or band.

No doubt you've been to a party where people complained about sound levels or types of music played. The dance competition gives everyone something to focus on and enjoy. Who wouldn't want to see their co-workers cut a rug!



Adults love to be amazed when the magic is good. Finding the right magician for your holiday party helps to create a relaxed feeling.

Plus magic offers a lot of flexibility. For large events, an illusionist can fill your stage. For smaller events, a stand up magician can wow the crowd. Magic even lends itself to roving atmosphere entertainment. Nothing is more amazing than a trick performed in your own hands.

Looking for a magician? Contact: Mike Rose!



A bit of gambling can be fun too. And it is legal when money isn't changing hands. Give your employees chips and let them play some Poker, Blackjack or Roulette.

The mingling atmosphere of gaming offers a chance to socialize. Plus, at the end of the evening allow your employees to donate their chips to charity. Spreading the season of giving, helping others and creating goodwill for your company.

Give these corporate party entertainment ideas a try. You'll find your employees laughing, relaxing and bonding in the true spirit of the holiday season.


If we can be of any help with your holiday party entertainment, contact our office now!

Entertainment Ideas For Christmas Parties

Entertainment Ideas For Christmas Parties

Why discuss entertainment ideas for Christmas parties when the holidays are so far away? Because in the blink of an eye, the summer will be over. You don't want to scramble to find entertainment. Many acts get booked early, especially for the major weekends.

Before you start hunt for holiday party entertainment, you need to consider the type of event your business is hosting. Some companies hold black tie holiday events with a high level of elegance and sophistication. Others throw Christmas parties in a more relaxed atmosphere. Then there are companies that focus on the family and employees bring their children. The style of the event will naturally reflect the type of entertainment.

For a more sophisticated event, you may want to consider:
A Dance Band
A Music Ensemble
A Jazz Quartet
An Emcee
Atmosphere Entertainment such as:
Living Statues, Roving Magicians, or Greeters
A Photo Booth
A Laser Light Show
A Musical Impressionist

For the relaxed holiday party, you might consider:
A Corporate Comedian
A Ventriloquist
A Magician
A Juggler
A Hypnotist
Each are the type of act that can pull your audience into the performance. Although remember, every act is different. Make sure to talk with the entertainer about your particular vision for the event.

For the family audience, many of the same genres of entertainers listed above may also be considered. Make certain the artist understands there will be children present, along with their age range. When vetting family entertainment, ask if their material would be appropriate for the age groups. Do they have any experience working with children? Is there any video you can see of this? If working with children, will the program be too juvenile for the adults?

Careful indepth discussions with your entertainer will allow you to find the perfect corporate entertainment for your holiday party.

Every year, Tom entertains at business and corporate Christmas parties across the United States. Our office would love the chance to talk with you about your upcoming corporate event or holiday party.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk with Tom about your next event, please fill out the form below!

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    Want even more Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas? Check out Tom's Savvy Event Planner Podcast. Episode One features Tom's wife Dierdre, who plans her company's Holiday Parties! Click here to listen to the podcast!

    Post-Holiday Party – Recreating The Company Party

    Post-Holiday Party – Recreating The Company Party

    You have tried to organize the corporate Christmas party. Unfortunately due to busy schedules and lack of funds, a lot of the people in your office have told you that they are not going to make it this year. It is time for you to recreate the corporate Christmas party.

    Why You Should Consider The Post-Holiday Party

    Take the plunge and turn your company holiday party into a belated winter party during the New Year. Consider after work cocktails at a local bar or maybe a sit down meal at a near by restaurant. You could even organize a few team-building activities after work followed by a buffet and drinks.

    Having a corporate event after the Christmas holidays can have many advantages. Here are a few:

    Advantages Of Having The Corporate Christmas Party After The Holidays

    • Places are never as busy after the holidays so companies will be eager for your business! This will mean cheap deals on venues resulting in big savings.
    • Most people find Christmas stressful so by having a corporate party after the holidays will make people feel relaxed as it provides them with a fun activity.
    • Have a post Christmas event is always a good way to celebrate the New Year as it makes the holiday period feel longer – after all most people tend to get slightly depressed once Christmas is over. It’s also an excuse for the adults to have a night away from the kids!
    • In January, everybody’s schedules tend to be free which means a bigger turnout for you, as everyone should be able to make it!
    • Doing it this way means less stress for you as you do not have to deal with the pressures of organizing a corporate event during the busy holiday period, after all you have your personal things to organize to!

    If these 5 points have made you feel more positive about throwing a post-holiday party for your staff and you would like some additional ideas on how to make a belated corporate Christmas party a success, contact our office for a no-obligation corporate holiday party entertainment consultation.

    Incredible Office Christmas Party Ideas

    Incredible Office Christmas Party Ideas

    The office Christmas party is a legendary event. There are jokes, stories and television episodes that center around them. Almost everyone has heard of the boss who drank too much or the employee who embarrassed themself in front of co-workers.

    The other side of the coin is the boring office Christmas party. The event that everyone wishes would end. Where guests that sneak out for a smoke or bathroom break and never return.

    That type of party also creates lasting memories. Both are stereotypes that people planning office parties would prefer to avoid. Well now you can. We’ve put together some office Christmas party ideas to help you avoid the problems and create incredible memories of holiday fun.

    Get Families Involved

    Don’t fear breaking your budget by creating an event with extra guests. Family involvement can add to holiday festivities and increase employee morale. Many companies invite spouses to their holiday parties. Few consider options to involve the rest of the family too.

    Consider the possibility of hosting a daytime party. Kids are usually out of school during the holidays. This means Mom and Dad don’t have to miss work or find a sitter. Hire some entertainment and create some activities to keep the kids active during the day. They could even help set up and decorate for the “after work” party. When Mom & Dad get finished at the office, they join in for a fun party before everyone leaves for the day.

    Food and entertainment for this type of all day event could be less than a traditional office Christmas party. The memories and positive feelings of family involvement will last long after the holidays.

    Help Others – Office Charity

    The old proverb “It is better to give than receive” holds true if you’ve ever gotten an ugly tie. This holiday you can turn your office party into a goodwill gesture that helps the community. Connect with local charities, or have your employees nominate a needy family. Coordinate for everyone to provide gift items for your “adopted” children or families. Then hold a wrapping party.

    Provide brightly colored wrapping paper, fancy bows and ribbon. Get a professional wrapping demonstration to help everyone learn the skill. Then award prizes for the Best Wrapped and Most Creatively Wrapped packages.

    Keep the party festive and fun with music, food and drink for your guests. They will have a great time, bond with co-workers and create incredible memories of sharing with others.

    Host A Gift Mart

    The holidays are a busy time and employees can be stressed when it comes to shopping. Lines at stores can eat into lunch hours and productivity may decrease. Here is an office party idea that can save your co-workers holiday hassles.

    Reach out to your local arts council or artists’ group and offer to host a craft fair at your office. Employees will find shopping at the office relaxing and fun. They will have access to unique gifts, which are always appreciated by recipients. You could even set up a wrapping station for one-stop gift giving ease. Often local charities will provide this service in exchange for a donation to their cause.

    Hold A Holiday Luncheon

    Put your CEO, CFO, President and VPs in aprons and invite the company to lunch. Have the catered meal delivered so management can serve and greet everyone. This is an easy way to have fun and build camaraderie in the office. As an added bonus, consider hiring some background music. The additional ambience will make your luncheon festive.

    Add Extra Excitement

    There is no need to recreate the wheel. If your office has an annual party, you may just want to give things a new twist. Consider adding a new type of entertainment instead of falling back on old ideas. A corporate comedian may set the mood with a quick set that loosens the crowd. Atmosphere entertainment such as acrobats, jugglers or roving magicians can help break the ice and put everyone in the party mood.

    We hope these office Christmas party ideas inspire your planning. To discuss other ideas and find out more about holiday party entertainment, contact our office. We provide a complementary no-obligation event consultation and would be happy to assist you!

    Looking for more office Christmas party ideas? Check out Tom's – Savvy Event Planner Podcast Episode One. He interviews his wife Dierdre who was tasked with planning the office party on a reduced budget. The show notes include a photo page that demonstrates the transformation of their work environment.
    The Corporate Christmas Party Demystified

    The Corporate Christmas Party Demystified

    Tasked with planning the corporate Christmas party?

    Planning a corporate party is easy. The biggest challenge you face is organizing a successful one.

    The major problem lies in the predicament of trying to remain politically correct. The event must avoid discussion on any subject that is sure to prove a sensitive topic or the harbinger of bad reviews on the event.

    This event will represent your company and you are already under a lot of pressure. Everything has to go as planned. Now you have the added worry of preventing trouble or political error from occurring during the gathering.

    Any mistake or discussion on sensitive topics can annoy the employees and higher management. This can create misunderstandings and completely undermine the purpose of holding the corporate event. So what is the best way to bridge the gap between the employees, and the management, to foster a spirit of community.

    There are plenty of fun and entertaining options to explore. You may focus on the employees and their families. This style of event involves gifts and treats for the kids. It is best held in a relaxed setting so the children can have fun. You may want to focus on a more adult gathering. This type of Christmas party may feature a formal dinner followed by corporate fun entertainment.

    We've covered several corporate Christmas party ideas in other articles. For this one, we want to demystify the adult Christmas corporate dinner party. Organizing the event properly will keep all guests engaged, relaxed and cohesive. Structuring the dinner wrong can lead to empty seats as guests begin to disappear.

    Social Hour

    Socializing is a great opening feature of the evening, just like any other formal event. Allow employees, executives and management to mingle. This breaks the ice will foster a positive feeling for everyone. Light snacks, an open or cash bar and happy chat is the best combination for starting out your evening.


    A sit down dinner with full service makes everyone feel special. If your budget won't allow it, a buffet is an excellent choice. Always plan plenty of time for dinner and remember that the caterer's time estimate is just that. Your programs should prepare to start earlier, or adjust to a later time as dictated by the meal.


    The entertainment is and should be the height of the night. Many event planners want the entertainment to be last. That is a mistake. After a meal people tend to feel “full.” This leads to that drowsy state. Your entertainment is there to liven things up. Placing a corporate entertainer after the meal brings you audience back to life. They will laugh, enjoy and be ready for everything that follows.

    Presidential Or Executive Address

    The President or an executive address is a great addition to the evening plan. With everyone in a great mood, it is time to thank the employees for a year of hard work. It is also a great time to recognize people for their achievements.

    Gifts And Prizes

    Gifts and door prizes are a fun way to end your evening program. Reward those who hang in to revel with their co-workers.

    Closing Remarks

    Closing remarks emphasize the purpose of the event. Send your guests home with an uplifting message that will foster a positive feeling.

    This event structure is sure to result in a successful corporate Christmas party. Don't let your event to chance. Contact Tom for a no obligation corporate entertainment consultation. If he isn't the right entertainment for your event, he will help you find someone who can make you shine like a star!

    Ultimate Christmas Party Entertainment

    Ultimate Christmas Party Entertainment

    The holidays are supposed to be festive and fun. But for the company holiday party planner, it can become an added stress to an already hectic schedule.

    It is the time of year when every company & organization hosts Christmas parties for their co-workers and members. So how do you create a company Christmas party that stands out from the rest?

    It all boils down to one element: Christmas party entertainment.

    Everyone will have great food, decor and be giving away presents, door prizes or bonuses. But the entertainment will influence how guests experience your event. Comedians can add the jolly, putting everyone in a festive frame of mind. Musicians can add the holiday spirit with seasonal tunes that highlight the time of year.

    But finding the right entertainers can be difficult. Your entertainment must not only suits your guests, but represent your company in a positive, memorable way.

    Finding the ultimate Christmas party entertainment isn't easy.

    This year, don't get stuck sorting through the magnitude of entertainers on the Internet. You could end up spending countless hours vetting those that would be right for your Christmas party.

    That is a major stress.

    Instead, take a moment to talk with Tom. With 30+ years of corporate entertainment experience, he can help you. There is no pressure and no obligation. He is there to listen and offer suggestions that can make your company Christmas party a success.

    Contact our office now to discuss your event.