You have tried to organize the corporate Christmas party. Unfortunately due to busy schedules and lack of funds, a lot of the people in your office have told you that they are not going to make it this year. It is time for you to recreate the corporate Christmas party.

Why You Should Consider The Post-Holiday Party

Take the plunge and turn your company holiday party into a belated winter party during the New Year. Consider after work cocktails at a local bar or maybe a sit down meal at a near by restaurant. You could even organize a few team-building activities after work followed by a buffet and drinks.

Having a corporate event after the Christmas holidays can have many advantages. Here are a few:

Advantages Of Having The Corporate Christmas Party After The Holidays

  • Places are never as busy after the holidays so companies will be eager for your business! This will mean cheap deals on venues resulting in big savings.
  • Most people find Christmas stressful so by having a corporate party after the holidays will make people feel relaxed as it provides them with a fun activity.
  • Have a post Christmas event is always a good way to celebrate the New Year as it makes the holiday period feel longer – after all most people tend to get slightly depressed once Christmas is over. It’s also an excuse for the adults to have a night away from the kids!
  • In January, everybody’s schedules tend to be free which means a bigger turnout for you, as everyone should be able to make it!
  • Doing it this way means less stress for you as you do not have to deal with the pressures of organizing a corporate event during the busy holiday period, after all you have your personal things to organize to!

If these 5 points have made you feel more positive about throwing a post-holiday party for your staff and you would like some additional ideas on how to make a belated corporate Christmas party a success, contact our office for a no-obligation corporate holiday party entertainment consultation.