The office Christmas party is a legendary event. There are jokes, stories and television episodes that center around them. Almost everyone has heard of the boss who drank too much or the employee who embarrassed themself in front of co-workers.

The other side of the coin is the boring office Christmas party. The event that everyone wishes would end. Where guests that sneak out for a smoke or bathroom break and never return.

That type of party also creates lasting memories. Both are stereotypes that people planning office parties would prefer to avoid. Well now you can. We’ve put together some office Christmas party ideas to help you avoid the problems and create incredible memories of holiday fun.

Get Families Involved

Don’t fear breaking your budget by creating an event with extra guests. Family involvement can add to holiday festivities and increase employee morale. Many companies invite spouses to their holiday parties. Few consider options to involve the rest of the family too.

Consider the possibility of hosting a daytime party. Kids are usually out of school during the holidays. This means Mom and Dad don’t have to miss work or find a sitter. Hire some entertainment and create some activities to keep the kids active during the day. They could even help set up and decorate for the “after work” party. When Mom & Dad get finished at the office, they join in for a fun party before everyone leaves for the day.

Food and entertainment for this type of all day event could be less than a traditional office Christmas party. The memories and positive feelings of family involvement will last long after the holidays.

Help Others – Office Charity

The old proverb “It is better to give than receive” holds true if you’ve ever gotten an ugly tie. This holiday you can turn your office party into a goodwill gesture that helps the community. Connect with local charities, or have your employees nominate a needy family. Coordinate for everyone to provide gift items for your “adopted” children or families. Then hold a wrapping party.

Provide brightly colored wrapping paper, fancy bows and ribbon. Get a professional wrapping demonstration to help everyone learn the skill. Then award prizes for the Best Wrapped and Most Creatively Wrapped packages.

Keep the party festive and fun with music, food and drink for your guests. They will have a great time, bond with co-workers and create incredible memories of sharing with others.

Host A Gift Mart

The holidays are a busy time and employees can be stressed when it comes to shopping. Lines at stores can eat into lunch hours and productivity may decrease. Here is an office party idea that can save your co-workers holiday hassles.

Reach out to your local arts council or artists’ group and offer to host a craft fair at your office. Employees will find shopping at the office relaxing and fun. They will have access to unique gifts, which are always appreciated by recipients. You could even set up a wrapping station for one-stop gift giving ease. Often local charities will provide this service in exchange for a donation to their cause.

Hold A Holiday Luncheon

Put your CEO, CFO, President and VPs in aprons and invite the company to lunch. Have the catered meal delivered so management can serve and greet everyone. This is an easy way to have fun and build camaraderie in the office. As an added bonus, consider hiring some background music. The additional ambience will make your luncheon festive.

Add Extra Excitement

There is no need to recreate the wheel. If your office has an annual party, you may just want to give things a new twist. Consider adding a new type of entertainment instead of falling back on old ideas. A corporate comedian may set the mood with a quick set that loosens the crowd. Atmosphere entertainment such as acrobats, jugglers or roving magicians can help break the ice and put everyone in the party mood.

We hope these office Christmas party ideas inspire your planning. To discuss other ideas and find out more about holiday party entertainment, contact our office. We provide a complementary no-obligation event consultation and would be happy to assist you!

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