Tasked with planning the corporate Christmas party?

Planning a corporate party is easy. The biggest challenge you face is organizing a successful one.

The major problem lies in the predicament of trying to remain politically correct. The event must avoid discussion on any subject that is sure to prove a sensitive topic or the harbinger of bad reviews on the event.

This event will represent your company and you are already under a lot of pressure. Everything has to go as planned. Now you have the added worry of preventing trouble or political error from occurring during the gathering.

Any mistake or discussion on sensitive topics can annoy the employees and higher management. This can create misunderstandings and completely undermine the purpose of holding the corporate event. So what is the best way to bridge the gap between the employees, and the management, to foster a spirit of community.

There are plenty of fun and entertaining options to explore. You may focus on the employees and their families. This style of event involves gifts and treats for the kids. It is best held in a relaxed setting so the children can have fun. You may want to focus on a more adult gathering. This type of Christmas party may feature a formal dinner followed by corporate fun entertainment.

We've covered several corporate Christmas party ideas in other articles. For this one, we want to demystify the adult Christmas corporate dinner party. Organizing the event properly will keep all guests engaged, relaxed and cohesive. Structuring the dinner wrong can lead to empty seats as guests begin to disappear.

Social Hour

Socializing is a great opening feature of the evening, just like any other formal event. Allow employees, executives and management to mingle. This breaks the ice will foster a positive feeling for everyone. Light snacks, an open or cash bar and happy chat is the best combination for starting out your evening.


A sit down dinner with full service makes everyone feel special. If your budget won't allow it, a buffet is an excellent choice. Always plan plenty of time for dinner and remember that the caterer's time estimate is just that. Your programs should prepare to start earlier, or adjust to a later time as dictated by the meal.


The entertainment is and should be the height of the night. Many event planners want the entertainment to be last. That is a mistake. After a meal people tend to feel “full.” This leads to that drowsy state. Your entertainment is there to liven things up. Placing a corporate entertainer after the meal brings you audience back to life. They will laugh, enjoy and be ready for everything that follows.

Presidential Or Executive Address

The President or an executive address is a great addition to the evening plan. With everyone in a great mood, it is time to thank the employees for a year of hard work. It is also a great time to recognize people for their achievements.

Gifts And Prizes

Gifts and door prizes are a fun way to end your evening program. Reward those who hang in to revel with their co-workers.

Closing Remarks

Closing remarks emphasize the purpose of the event. Send your guests home with an uplifting message that will foster a positive feeling.

This event structure is sure to result in a successful corporate Christmas party. Don't let your event to chance. Contact Tom for a no obligation corporate entertainment consultation. If he isn't the right entertainment for your event, he will help you find someone who can make you shine like a star!