Need ideas for corporate party entertainment?

If you are looking for corporate party entertainment ideas, this is the place. If you are searching for team building party games, try this link: Fun Activities For Corporate Events.

Corporate parties have different purposes. Some offer co-workers a chance to mingle, engage and bond with one another. Others are recognition events to highlight achievements. The party may be to blow off some steam and help people relax. No matter what type of party you plan, the entertainment should mirror your event’s purpose.

Finding fun entertainment for adults that will appeal to a wide range of tastes isn’t easy. Everyone likes different things. For that reason we offer you these ideas with some caveats to consider.

One thing people have in common is they love to laugh. When guests are laughing, they relax and have a good time. This reflects well on your event.

A corporate comedian may be the perfect choice for your event entertainment. The best corporate comedians tailor their material to your company, message, event and audience. That ensures a program that will capture attention and keep everyone involved.

There are many different types of corporate comedians:

  • stand up comedians,
  • comedy ventriloquists,
  • magicians,
  • jugglers and
  • hypnotists

are popular entertainment for a corporate party.

One benefit of the comedian is their technical requirements are generally limited. That makes it an easy program to produce and stage, which saves your budget.

Many event planners rely on musical entertainment even though it doesn’t always fit the bill. Musical tastes vary widely. If you have a wide span of age ranges it is very tough to please everyone. If your event’s purpose is networking and bonding, music can be a poor choice. Music levels can make communicating difficult. The moment someone leaves the room to talk, you’ve lost their attention for your event.

If you do decide to select a musical act, consider your audience and theme. Would a soloist, duo or trio work in your environment? Are you looking for a cover band? Or maybe a DJ? How much space, staging and tech will they need? What are their electrical requirements? Can they easily adapt to your audience?

Other ideas for corporate party entertainment include:

  • Karaoke,
  • Living Statues,
  • Caricature Artists,
  • Roving Entertainment,
  • Wacky Waiters,
  • Food Preparation Stations,
  • Show Bartenders,
  • Singers,
  • Casino games
  • and Photo Booths

If you want to engage your crowd with high energy corporate entertainment:

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