Comedian Ventriloquist

Comedian Ventriloquist

Comedian Ventriloquist
A One Man Comedy Team

Tom Crowl has an interesting job. He is a stand up comedian ventriloquist. His act has entertained audiences internationally. Tom has appeared on cruise ships and at five star resorts. Crowl specializes in corporate and association event entertainment. He performs at events throughout the United States.

When Tom works, people laugh at him …

Some people see a puppet and think the show must be for kids. Wrong!

Ventriloquists are popular …

Jeff Dunham is one of today's most popular comedian ventriloquists. His act has achieved mega-stardom. A video clip of character Achmed the Dead Terrorist went viral on YouTube. His comedy specials hold rating records on Comedy Central.

Jimmy Nelson, a famous comedian ventriloquist of the 1950's inspired Dunham. Comedian ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, star of radio & movies, inspired Nelson.

An Imaginary Comedy Team

Ventriloquist Fred Russell was the first to use a puppet to create the comedy team format. Comedy teams have always been extremely popular with audiences. Distinct personalities play off one another to keep laughs flying.

Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy and Martin & Lewis are comedy legends. Their antics still cause people to laugh out loud generations later.

You also see comedy teams on television. Sitcoms feature a diverse cast with interactions and situations that draw audiences weekly.

Imagine turning that power loose on your audience!

A ventriloquist has the ability to create characters with elements of parody. The absurdity relieves tensions, adding a level of preposterous insanity. It allows the comedian to address topics in ways tno other entertainment can.

Comedy is not easy.

It takes more than a puppet to make people laugh. It takes awareness, engagement, timing and interactions. A good comedian understands how to control the stage, work the room & connect with the audience.

Ventriloquism is not easy.

The art of creating life in an inanimate object requires skills. If the audience doesn't “buy into” the illusion, no form of entertainment more painful to watch.

When you combine the talents you get the rarest of them all, the comedian ventriloquist. They bring endless possibilities of interaction and customization to your event.

There are only a handful of skilled comedian ventriloquists around. That adds to the unique nature of seeing the talent live. If you are searching for something different for your next event, contact our office today. Your audience will thank you.

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The Best Corporate Comedians

The Best Corporate Comedians

What do the best corporate comedians have in common?

If you answered “They are funny!”, you are only partially right. Funny is a given. Comedians should be funny. Otherwise they are only – ians.

Corporate comedy requires a unique style. Most comedians learn their trade at open mics in comedy clubs. In the comedy club setting, foul language and shock humor sometimes rule the night. That doesn't play at a corporate event.

In the corporate environment, people are watching.

No one wants their co-workers to see them laugh at something that may not be politically correct. Vulgarity can cost a company more than embarrassment. Reputations are on the line.

The best corporate comedians realize they represent their client. At that event, for that performance, they are an employee too. They treat the boss with respect. They treat their co-workers in the audience with respect. They maintain a professional attitude.

The best corporate comedians know how to keep their act clean. Funny has nothing to do with obscenity. Funny is more than just a series of jokes. True laughs result from connecting with an audience and tailoring the material to their taste.

The best corporate comedians are open to learning about your event's purpose. They want to understand your audience and your corporate culture. They want to make the program personal to leave the guests realizing your company cares about doing things the right way.

The best corporate comedians grab the audience's attention at the start. They take your guests on a roller coaster ride of laughter and emotions. They make your people feel and remember. They impart your message to help you reach your objectives.

Comedy is an excellent choice for corporate entertainment. It helps to relax your guests and liven up your event. Click the button below to:

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and determine if Tom is the right corporate comedian for you.

Corporate Shows

Corporate Shows

Corporate Shows:
Planning Event Entertainment

Events have a purpose. There are goals you must reach to achieve a return on the investment. When planning a corporate event, each element weighs against the final outcome.

For a corporate or association event, the purpose is usually well defined. For a private event, it may not be as evident, however there is always a reason.

As an event planner you need to ask:

How will this element help to achieve the objective?

Unfortunately even experienced event planners sometimes neglect this question when it comes to corporate shows.

If the event requires entertainment, don't hire a corporate entertainer just to fill the spot. That is a missed opportunity. You need to subject your corporate entertainment to the same scrutiny as every other element of the event.

Is a DJ a good idea for a networking event? Probably not. Music would drown out conversations. People may end up drifting out of the room to talk. Or escape music they don't care for. You've hired entertainment, but it defeats the event's purpose.

Following a banquet, some event planners place a speaker on-stage. The speech may encompass a message that enhances to goal, but will people listen? After eating most tend to feel tired as their body digests the meal. Attention can drift, sabotaging the value of your talent and your desired outcome.

Now let's consider corporate comedy. Laughter has a therapeutic effect on the human body. The brain becomes stimulated as it releases endorphins. It causes people to relax. They become open to ideas and messages.

Laughter is an icebreaker. It creates a shared group experience bringing guests together. When people laugh, they form memories which help them remember a topic.

Comedy corporate shows can communicate your theme or message to the audience. They emotionalize the subject to rivet attention and drive memorable points home.

Don't miss an opportunity to achieve your strategic outcome. Talk with our office today to discuss how we can work with you to create positive results.

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Entertainment For Christmas Party Fun

Entertainment For Christmas Party Fun

Need entertainment for your Christmas party?

Planning entertainment for a Christmas party is stressful. The boss must be pleased. Your decisions are judged by everyone else. The corporate entertainment must be:

  • within the budget
  • reliable
  • represent the company in a positive light
  • appeal to the employees and …
  • be a hit!

Did you guess? I suggest a ventriloquist!

Here is why …

Start with your guests.

Do you have a wide mixture of ages?

Believe it or not, ventriloquists appeal to a wide age range.

People don't realize ventriloquism touched most of our lives. Remember Shari Lewis & Lambchop? Shari was a staple of children's programming and popular with generations of kids.

Seniors will likely remember Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson or Senor Wences. If you grew up in the 70's and 80's you might remember Jay Johnson of the groundbreaking TV sitcom SOAP.

Many watched and voted for Terry Fator & Paul Zerdin. They are the ventriloquists that won America's Got Talent.

And of course, Jeff Dunham and his suitcase posse: Walter, Peanut & Achmed the Dead Terrorist sell out arenas around the globe.

Is your audience diverse?

Tom creates personalized blue collar comedy and clever cerebral concepts. These two types of humor combine in a comedy show where the laughs come fast and furious. It is comedy that appeals to workers and management.

Tom represents your company!

It is a Christmas party. Everyone should have fun, relax and enjoy some laughs. You get peace of mind when you hire a professional corporate entertainer. You don't have to worry about jokes in bad taste, off-color or offensive to your audience.

Enjoy a no pressure event consultation before you book. When you schedule Tom's act, you talk with him. We want to make sure you have the right entertainment for your company Christmas party.

You provide the information Tom incorporates into the program. A questionnaire makes the entire process easy. Over 30 years of experience is behind each step and we help every step of the way!

Let's talk reliability …

Hear about the party entertainer who didn't show up? It happens way too often. That scenario creates undue stress on the party planner.

When you hire a Christmas party entertainer, a lot can go wrong.

  • Flights get delayed or canceled.
  • Luggage gets lost.
  • Equipment gets damaged.
  • Weather plays havoc.

You've got enough to worry about. You don't need headaches from your entertainment.

Tom flies in 24 hours in advance of your event. This provides an extra cushion for delayed flights or other travel related problems. His act stays with him. You won't need to worry about lost equipment.

From flight confirmations to his phone call the moment he lands – you are in the loop. You will know he is there!

The day of the event, Tom arrives early to set and sound check. You can relax. He is there and ready to go as your event unfolds. Running ahead of schedule? No problem. Running late? Not an issue. Tom is there for you!

What about your entertainment budget?

“How much do you charge?” – This is the first question most Christmas party planners ask. When you pull into a service station do you ask the mechanic how much he will charge to fix your car before he looks at it?

Every event has different needs. Every planner has a different vision of their event. Conversations needs to take place. The entertainer must consider everything involved with making your Christmas party memorable.

Can the entertainer fill your needs? What other logistics must they consider? Is the travel time available? What is happening around the date? Where will they come from? Where are they headed following the event? How will they get to your location? What is involved? How much will it cost?

Talk with your entertainment options early in the Christmas party planning process. Allow them time to assemble a proposal that covers all the details. You don't want to be surprised by additional expenses.

One good thing about comedy – it won't break the bank for technical requirements. Tom's rider is concise and easy to read. It even includes tips to set up the room so you get the most out of your entertainment investment.

Peace of mind, professionalism & dedication to your Christmas party's success is valuable. Thirty plus years of experience with raving reviews provides you with confidence in the quality of your choice.

Comedy Entertainment for Christmas Party Fun!

Let's start the conversation about entertainment for your Christmas party:

Contact Tom …

If Tom is not available or we determine his act is not a fit for your party entertainment, we will be happy to make recommendations when possible.

Looking for more Christmas party planning information? Check out Episode One of Tom's Savvy Event Planner Podcast. Tom interviews his wife Dierdre, who planned her company's Christmas party with a reduced budget. The episode features great tips for decorating and other ways to save!

Corporate Comedy And Entertainment

Corporate Comedy And Entertainment

Personalized corporate comedy and entertainment for conventions, sales meetings, employee recognition, banquets, conferences & holiday parties.

You already understand the value and benefits of comedy. Comedy builds camaraderie. People relax, engage and form memories. Laughter increases the quality of life.

Any corporate comedian you consider knows you are looking for:

  • Clean comedy that won't offend …
  • Material appropriate for your audience …
  • A strong act that keeps your guests laughing …
  • Someone who incorporates your message or theme …
  • Entertainment that adapts to your needs …
  • A comedian who is easy to work with …
  • An act that is dependable …
  • Someone who will make you look great …

These are the tools that get the job done. But anyone can hold a tool. You need a craftsman that can use them to create an unforgettable experience.

Most corporate comedy and entertainment acts talk about what they do. They display the tools.

The conversation you need to have is: how they do, what they do and why they do it.

How is their comedy a good match for your event? Why would it be appropriate? What experience tells them this?

How will the entertainment engage your audience? Why do they use those engagement techniques?

How will the entertainment incorporate your message and/or theme? What will you need to provide? When is this needed? Why?

When will the entertainment arrive? Why? What happens if something changes at the last minute? How flexible are they? What policies are in place? Why?

Your event's success hinges on working with the right vendors. Each service plays a part to meet the event's purpose.

Corporate comedy and entertainment is no different.

Your search for corporate entertainment has led you here. Contact Tom to start a discussion about your corporate event entertainment needs now.

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Make your next event amazing! Tom hosts a weekly podcast designed to help and inspire event planners like you. Check out the Savvy Event Planner Podcast today.

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Entertainment Ideas For Christmas Parties

Entertainment Ideas For Christmas Parties

Why discuss entertainment ideas for Christmas parties when the holidays are so far away? Because in the blink of an eye, the summer will be over. You don't want to scramble to find entertainment. Many acts get booked early, especially for the major weekends.

Before you start hunt for holiday party entertainment, you need to consider the type of event your business is hosting. Some companies hold black tie holiday events with a high level of elegance and sophistication. Others throw Christmas parties in a more relaxed atmosphere. Then there are companies that focus on the family and employees bring their children. The style of the event will naturally reflect the type of entertainment.

For a more sophisticated event, you may want to consider:
A Dance Band
A Music Ensemble
A Jazz Quartet
An Emcee
Atmosphere Entertainment such as:
Living Statues, Roving Magicians, or Greeters
A Photo Booth
A Laser Light Show
A Musical Impressionist

For the relaxed holiday party, you might consider:
A Corporate Comedian
A Ventriloquist
A Magician
A Juggler
A Hypnotist
Each are the type of act that can pull your audience into the performance. Although remember, every act is different. Make sure to talk with the entertainer about your particular vision for the event.

For the family audience, many of the same genres of entertainers listed above may also be considered. Make certain the artist understands there will be children present, along with their age range. When vetting family entertainment, ask if their material would be appropriate for the age groups. Do they have any experience working with children? Is there any video you can see of this? If working with children, will the program be too juvenile for the adults?

Careful indepth discussions with your entertainer will allow you to find the perfect corporate entertainment for your holiday party.

Every year, Tom entertains at business and corporate Christmas parties across the United States. Our office would love the chance to talk with you about your upcoming corporate event or holiday party.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk with Tom about your next event, please fill out the form below!

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    Want even more Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas? Check out Tom's Savvy Event Planner Podcast. Episode One features Tom's wife Dierdre, who plans her company's Holiday Parties! Click here to listen to the podcast!

    Stand up Comedy Ventriloquist Rocks Shows

    Want your audience to laugh? Make stand up comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl your first call. A world class ventriloquist, peers and audiences respect Tom's comedy skills. Ventriloquists voted him into the first edition CyberVent ventriloquist collector cards. Other ventriloquists to receive this honor include Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, and Nina Conti.

    Tom's quick wit, hilarious delivery and clean to PG-13 rated material make him a hit with audiences of all ages. Personalized programs tailored to your event allow the audience to become a part of the show. Crowl's style allows him to poke fun at the corporate culture without offense.

    Clients from coast to coast hire Tom to make their events memorable. His show business credentials include performances for fortune 500 companies, national associations, theaters, resorts and television. Crowl has also opened concerts for country music stars and legends of rock and roll.

    Every year, Tom's clients showcase his comedy at corporate events, conventions, & special events across the U.S. If you want to make your event fun, keep your guests laughing and look great doing it – talk to Tom today.

    Your guests will thank you for making the investment in one of the top stand up comedy ventriloquists working today.

    Entertainment Ideas For Large Groups

    Entertainment Ideas For Large Groups

    Looking for entertainment ideas for large groups?  

    It is impossible to please everyone.  That makes coming up with new ideas a stressful proposition. Here are some ideas that will help make your job easier.

    1. Start by looking backward: 

    If you have held this event before, the past will provide you with inspiration. What types of entertainment have you had? What did your group like? Why? What didn't they care for? Why?

    By discovering what has been successful in the past, you can find a direction for the future.

    As an example, if a corporate comedian went over well, comedy may be an option. If a band or D.J. was a hit, you need to dig deeper and find out what type of music they played.

    2. Look into the entertainment genre options:

    Musical entertainment could be:

    • an instrumentalist,
    • a disc jockey,
    • a band,
    • a singer
    • or even karaoke.

    You can break each style down further. Popular types of music may include:

    • country,
    • rock,
    • pop,
    • inspirational,
    • Irish,
    • jazz, etc.

    Comedy entertainment might be:

    • a stand-up comedian,
    • a ventriloquist,
    • an improv troupe
    • a speaker,
    • an imposter,
    • a hypnotist
    • or a song parodist.

    Variety entertainment could be:

    • a magician,
    • juggler,
    • mentalist,
    • illusionist,
    • fire-eater,
    • sand artist,
    • circus act,
    • aerialist

    You could elect to hire atmosphere entertainment.

    • Human statues,
    • caricaturists,
    • wacky waiters,
    • mind-readers or fortune tellers,
    • instrumentalists,
    • roving magicians

    Now that you have some entertainment ideas, you will need to determine if they are appropriate for your group.

    3. Questions to ask yourself:

    Will your venue be able to hold the entertainment? An aerial act requires height. An illusionist requires space for props. How much space can be allocated to the entertainment?

    Does the entertainment suit your audience? A clown may not be the right choice for Fortune 500 executives. A corporate entertainer would not be the right choice for an audience of kids or teenagers.

    Will the entertainment be able to play well for your group? Will everyone be able to see the program? Some larger groups may require iMag (Image magnification screens).

    You want the audience to be able to see and hear your entertainment. That may mean providing stage lights or sound. Know what type of tech is available so you can inform the acts when you contact them. This will help determine if any additional tech is required that may add to the budget.

    Know your schedule. How long do you want the entertainment to last. Many people over estimate this. An hour of entertainment can be too long in many settings. You want the audience to have fun, not looking at their watches.

    Know your entertainment budget. Know how much you are paying for other aspects of your event. Often food is based on a per person fee. Entertainment usually is presented on a full fee basis. Is the entertainment in line with your meal? A $100 a plate dinner deserves better than a $1 per head entertainment act.

    Think about logistics. When will your act set and sound check? You don't want them disturbing your group or interfering with other planned activities. Do they schedule multiple performances on a date? A show that follows yours may result in a rushed performance if your event runs long.

    4. Places to find entertainment:

    You are already here, so you might as well reach out to discuss your event! Tom has worked with some of the best corporate acts and agencies in the business. If his show is not right for your group, he can help you connect with someone that will help rock your event. Tom takes no commission on acts he recommends. His sole purpose is to help you have an amazing event.

    Another option is to contact an entertainment agency. Do your research online to determine if the agency is one you can work with. Some agencies specialize in kids party entertainment. Others specialize in high end corporate functions. Look online to see what types of acts are on their roster before reaching out.

    You can also find entertainment in online directories. Often these directories appear to be agencies when in reality they are listing sites. The acts pay a fee to be on the site. When you submit a potential show, they send your information to 10 – 12 entertainers. At that point expect calls and emails to start flooding in.

    5. Before you hire entertainment for a large group:

    ​Make certain to watch video. Does the video show the act in an environment similar to yours? Can you see audience reactions to the entertainment? If you are watching comedy, are you laughing?

    Check references. Do quotes from the performer's website match your type of event? If you are doing a corporate entertainment event, quotes from a birthday Mom may not be the best reference.

    Finally, talk to the entertainer. Don't rely on an agency to pass on the information. Having a conversation with the entertainer helps you both relax and have an understanding of what to expect.

    Need more entertainment ideas for a large group? Check out these other blog articles:

    Awards Banquet Entertainment Ideas

    41 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

    Find Performers for Corporate Events – 12 Tips To Help You Get The Right One


    Gala Dinner Entertainment

    Gala Dinner Entertainment

    Planning a gala dinner event? Gala dinners add prestige to charity and corporate functions. Some are stand alone fund raisers.  Others may be hosted as part of an event. It isn't uncommon to hold a gala dinner for a convention or conference.

    A successful gala dinner depends on several things: location, food, beverages, atmosphere and entertainment.

    Entertainment plays a huge role in the success of your event. That is why we have created this article to offer you gala dinner entertainment ideas.  We will also include other suggestions to create the best gala possible.

    Before you hire Gala Dinner Entertainment:

    It is important your entertainment is right for the event. Think about your attendees. What is their age? What is their social background? Is it a mixed audience or is this a women or men's only event? What do they like?

    These answers will help you to narrow down your entertainment choices.

    You must also consider your venue. How many guests will it hold? Will there be room for the entertainment you are considering? A band requires more space than a corporate comedian. An aerialist may be exciting but if your venue doesn't have head space they won't have room.

    What are current trends in the entertainment business? Is there a unique style of entertainment that is popular? Would that appeal to your guests? Would it provide you with something unique people don't often see?

    What type of budget are you working with? Your budget will affect your options for gala dinner entertainment.

    A gala has a certain prestige. They are usually dressy or black tie events. Even for charity gala dinners, skimping on the entertainment is a mistake. You want to impress your attendees. Show them a great time and donations will follow.

    Getting Better Results From Your Gala Dinner Entertainment

    When selecting an act for your gala, we recommend you hire one that specializes in corporate entertainment. A corporate entertainer is accustom to working an upscale audience. They understand how to make their clients look amazing.

    Corporate entertainers also know how to keep their presentations clean. This is important, you don't want to offend any of your guests.

    Ask your gala dinner entertainer to incorporate your theme, message or logo into the program. This special touch helps to keep focus on your cause.

    Now let's discuss some different gala dinner entertainment ideas:

    One opportunity often overlooked is the icebreaker. When guests arrive they may be apprehensive about mingling. Having a magician to approach guests is a fantastic way to break the ice. One of our favorites is Mike Rose, the gala magician. Mike is an expert at creating laughs and making guests feel at ease.

    Another excellent pre-dinner entertainment option is accoustic music. From a harpist to a string trio or quartet, background music adds to your ambience.

    For after dinner entertainment, you may want to consider a comedian. Their program can be cost effective to produce, which saves you on event tech, staging and AV.

    Other after dinner entertainment might include a magician, jugglers, singers or a band. Be sure to talk with your entertainment about their dress for your event. You want to make certain they look appropriate for your gala audience.

    Additional Gala Dinner Tips:

    Some dinner events become a series of speeches. While we understand the need to honor or highlight people, you need to consider your audience. Awards or speeches that drone on weigh down the event. People will often begin to disappear, which affects the effectiveness of your evening.

    Many organizations want to have their speakers talk before the after dinner entertainment. This is a mistake. If a speaker runs long (and they usually do … ) it removes energy from the room. People begin looking for an exit.

    When focus wains, people realize the time and start thinking about their own lives. Maybe they have a babysitter, or have to get up in the morning for work. When this happens, some won't give your entertainment a chance. They'll leave, and your investment is wasted.

    By the same token, if you place the entertainment before speeches, your entertainer brings up the room. They generate excitement that carries into the speeches to follow. It becomes a win/win situation.

    Suggestions to avoid run on speeches:

    Host a slide show of sponsors on a screen before and during dinner. These can easily be created using PowerPoint or Keynote. This will make it unneccessary to mention each sponsor from the stage.

    Make a countdown timer visible to your speaker. This is easy to do with an iPad and an app called pClock. It will help your speaker stay on schedule.

    Reduce the number of speeches you need to make. Hire someone to create a short video that covers important subjects or people. These should be kept brief and can even be played during dinner.

    When you are planning a gala dinner and searching for entertainment, contact our office. With over 30 years in the entertainment business, Tom is happy to help, or direct you to an act that would be perfect for your event.

    Ventriloquist Shows

    Ventriloquist Shows

    Ventriloquist shows have risen in popularity thanks to a couple of very prominent entertainers.

    Jeff Dunham draws huge ratings on Comedy Central. His act is listed as the top grossing touring comedian by Forbes Magazine. One of his tours even made the Guiness Book of World Records for most tickets sold.

    Ventriloquist Terry Fator won America's Got Talent. He ended up signing the largest contract ever offered to a reality TV show contest winner. Now Terry headlines his own show, in his own theater, in Las Vegas.

    Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin of the UK followed Terry's feat by winning America's Got Talent in 2015.

    Ventriloquist Nina Conti has exploded on social media for her stage performances using the Human Puppet mask. (Little known fact – when Nina wanted to purchase a mask, she contacted Tom for information.)

    While some may not realize it, ventriloquist shows have been around much longer than today's current crop of stars.

    Other Famous Ventriloquists

    Edgar Bergen became famous for his radio show, which made him one of the biggest stars of his day. Ventriloquist Paul Winchell had his own television program and voiced many popular cartoon characters. Ventriloquist Senor Wences was so popular on the Ed Sullivan Show that they named a street in New York after him. Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson made the Nestle' Chocolate jingle famous. Shari Lewis entertained and educated children for generations with her puppet Lamb Chop.

    If you have an audience of mixed age ranges, few things will appeal to them like a ventriloquist show. Although it may not be the first form of entertainment people think about, it will be remembered!

    Tom works with you to personalize his ventriloquist show to your event's theme, message and audience. From a full show to a quick laugh break or even as emcee – he helps you create a atmosphere of hilarity.

    To learn more about a ventriloquist show and how Tom can help you create an amazing entertainment experience, contact our office today.