Headline Comedy Show

Customized comedy, razor-sharp lightning-fast improvisation and total audience participation all meld together to entertain and energize your group. Tom Crowl packs more laughs per minute than a stand-up comedian! Guests will be rolling in the aisles and laughing so hard they’ll wipe tears from their eyes.

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stand up headline comedy show for corporate entertainment events
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Inanimate objects spring to life with more personality than you’d ever anticipate! It’s just this type of unexpected twist that makes Tom’s act so captivating and intriguing – uniting audiences, providing a welcome escape and building incredible connections among colleagues.

You might find a tennis ball deliberating on the finer points of public speaking, or a duck interacting with attendees while weaving tales of his marvelous adventures with your own co-workers. From the audience emerge hysterically masked human puppets – and what comes next will leave your audience bent over in hilarity.

“…customized the act … kept our group in stitches … It was perfect!”

Wendy M. Keystone Asset Management
Wendy M.

“He was so entertaining, my employees are still stopping by my office today, the Monday after our Saturday event, and telling me how great the entertainer Tom Crowl was. Thanks again Tom.”

Karen F. Jerr-Dan Corporation, PA.
Karen F.

“Thank you so much – EVERYONE was raving about how great you were…”

Megan S. Lancashire Hall
Megan S.

” sometimes my crowd is hard to please, but they were blown away with Tom's performance.”

Karen F.


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With over 30 years of experience in the corporate entertainment world, Tom works with you to design a program that will leave your guests laughing and make your event memorable!

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