General Session Entertainment

General Session Entertainment That Will Energize
Your Attendees And Kick-Start Your Conference.

General sessions are all about the audience.

The opening general session is your chance to motivate attendees and set the tone for your conference. The closing general session allows you to reinforce the conference experience and establish the feelings & attitude your people go forward with.

Often general sessions are designed to share information and educate members. Sometimes to the point of overload. That can result in a negative experience when you are trying to create enthusiasm.

Your general sessions are the chance to create a memorable experience that truly connects with your audience.

Oxy Permian

“He is incredible to work with and does a wonderful job
personalizing his routine to fit the need of the client!”

Shanna B.
Oxy Permian, Midland, TX

“You will be hard to follow!! Everyone is still laughing about the
human puppets routine – loved it! Thanks again!”

Carma L.
Hutchinson Mayrath
Cumming County Feeders

“He was great!  Going to be hard to beat next year.”

Steve O.
Cumming County Feeders Association
Keystone Asset

“…customized the act … kept our group in stitches … It was perfect!”

Wendy M.
Keystone Asset Management

“Thank you so much – EVERYONE was raving about how great you were…”

Megan S.
Lancashire Hall

Creating An Experience Attendees Will Remember

General Session Entertainment is one way to do this. But if your entertainment is merely designed to entertain, you miss out on other opportunities that allow you to present information in a fun and positive way.

Energize, Entertain, Educate & Motivate
Your Audience

Construct Your Conference’s General Session
To Engage Your Community

Grab Their Attention

Life is fast-paced, and it is important to keep your opening session exciting and moving forward.


Generate Energy

An upbeat atmosphere sets the tone for your entire event. Get your people connected and excited about your conference.

Watch Tom In Action!

With Tom as your M.C. or general session entertainment, he works with you to create a program that passes along information through comedy. Laughter breaks tension and creates a positive vibe that unites attendees going forward.

Keep your General Session Entertainment high-energy!