26 types of corporate entertainmentThere are numerous types of corporate events that your business may host. Here we've listed twenty six types of events that are most common for businesses, corporations, associations and companies to host. We'll also take a look at what all of these types of corporate events have in common.

Types of Corporate Events

  1. Awards banquets
  2. After Dinner programs
  3. Conventions
  4. Conferences
  5. Seminars
  6. Retreats
  7. Incentive Trips
  8. Annual Meetings
  9. Sales Meetings
  10. Sales Training
  11. Strategic Planning
  12. Product Launchs
  13. Trade Shows
  14. Board Meetings
  15. Client Appreciation Events
  16. Happy Hours
  17. Corporate Party
  18. Company Holiday Party
  19. Galas
  20. Mixers
  21. Shareholder Meetings
  22. Charity Functions
  23. Press Conferences
  24. VIP Events
  25. Golf Outings
  26. Company Picnics

So what do all of these corporate events have in common?  They all bring people together, have a specific goal and represent your company.

Because they represent your company, you want guests and attendees to be relaxed, feel like a part of the team, function at their best and celebrate the occasion.  That is where another commonality, yet an important part of the event equation comes into play.

Corporate Entertainment

Entertainment that is personalized to your event, people and goals with respect for your company is a highly specialized field of entertainment.  When planning your next corporate event, contact our office for a free, no-obligation corporate entertainment consultation.