Top 5 Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas For Work

A work Christmas party is a great way to allow your co-workers to relax and have fun. The party is a way to show exactly how much your firm appreciates all their hard work. Plus it makes the holiday season a bit more festive.

Planning a work Christmas party is a big job. But you have a major advantage over other types of corporate entertainment events. At holiday parties, everyone wants to have fun. So your job as the planner is to create a positive atmosphere. When the guests have a great time the event is remembered as a success.

And the biggest secret
to a successful holiday party
is to find the right entertainment!

Sure, you need great food and drink. But the entertainment for Christmas parties is what makes the event memorable.

Chances are you have a wide age range of employees. It can be difficult to appeal to everyone. That is why we put together this list of 5 holiday party entertainment ideas. Chances are good, one of these suggestions will be an answer your employees will love:



Tom with AGT Ventriloquist Darci Lynne

Seriously? Of course.

First, you have the age range issue solved:
Older employees will remember the days of Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Paul Winchell, Senor Wences or Shari Lewis & Lambchop.

Younger employees (and some older) may be fans of Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin or the young America's Got Talent ventriloquist Darci Lynne.

Second, you have something unique. There are only a handful of professional ventriloquists in the United States. Ventriloquism isn't a performance you often witness live.

Third, you have comedy. People love to laugh. A ventriloquist provides a mixture of comedy and visual appeal that a stand up comedian can't. Tom even personalizes his programs to create a unique show specific to your company.

… never failed to include the audience in every aspect of his show. By doing so, Tom Crowl created a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

– Abbi Murray – The Courier

So if you want to give your party a comedy boost a comedy ventriloquist is the way to go!



Let your employees shine. Although many prefer to relax during the holiday season, others enjoy the spotlight. If your office has talent, why not showcase it? Set up a few “judges” from your management team and do a take-off on AGT. Cash or gift card prizes and a bonus gift for everyone who participates can fuel memorable fun.

One note for this type of program though. While it can save your entertainment budget, there can be pitfalls. Acts that run too long, or a string of so-so acts can bring down the room's energy.

If you decide to try this type of holiday party entertainment, we suggest hiring a professional emcee. They help to coordinate the “acts” and keep the program moving. Plus a skilled emcee can gauge the energy of the room and save the show if things start to go south. While your co-worker may be funny and popular, the emcee spot is best left to someone with more experience.



Another fun holiday party idea for work is the dance competition. Let your guests show off their mad skills as the crowd cheers them on.

This event can be a feature if your holiday party uses a DJ or band.

No doubt you've been to a party where people complained about sound levels or types of music played. The dance competition gives everyone something to focus on and enjoy. Who wouldn't want to see their co-workers cut a rug!



Adults love to be amazed when the magic is good. Finding the right magician for your holiday party helps to create a relaxed feeling.

Plus magic offers a lot of flexibility. For large events, an illusionist can fill your stage. For smaller events, a stand up magician can wow the crowd. Magic even lends itself to roving atmosphere entertainment. Nothing is more amazing than a trick performed in your own hands.

Looking for a magician? Contact: Mike Rose!



A bit of gambling can be fun too. And it is legal when money isn't changing hands. Give your employees chips and let them play some Poker, Blackjack or Roulette.

The mingling atmosphere of gaming offers a chance to socialize. Plus, at the end of the evening allow your employees to donate their chips to charity. Spreading the season of giving, helping others and creating goodwill for your company.

Give these corporate party entertainment ideas a try. You'll find your employees laughing, relaxing and bonding in the true spirit of the holiday season.


If we can be of any help with your holiday party entertainment, contact our office now!