I’m a ventriloquist, so I don’t need to call my pals, they’re just an arms length away. One of them, Dangerous, has been talking nonstop about helping people with their New Year’s resolutions. Because this is a lofty goal (and because my hand needs a rest,) I’ve agreed to share his advice.

Tips From A Ventriloquist Dummy …


From Dangerous, in his own words:

Get Out of Your Box

Routines are great, they help all of us get through a day. But dare to do something different, whether it’s a small thing like trying out that shortcut to work that you’ve been told about or making the career change that you’ve been thinking about forever.

Share the Applause

I’m an entertainer, and OK, I’ll say it, I was sure I was the best part of the show. But then the others I work with told me to go ahead and do the show by myself if I was so great. Hey, I’ve got pride, but I had to admit in front of everyone that I needed a hand. Spare yourself the grief. Be part of the team.

Get On Stage

Are you safely making your way through life, never stepping up to be a leader or striving to reach a hard to attain goal? Dare to be a standout. Write a column for a newspaper or blog, join a theater group, run for a political office or lead a civic group. Put yourself “out there,” and vow to shrug off discouragement and criticism from family, friends, and strangers.

Don’t Let Others Do Your Talking

Sure, it’s great to go with the flow, and do your best to get along with everyone. But don’t always let your opinion take a back seat to everyone else’s opinion. Let yourself be heard.

And if you’re used to saying “yes” when you want to say “no,” take a deep breath, steel yourself against repercussions, and say “no” to the next unwanted request. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you.

Just Do It

Don’t stare at the hottie in the first row, practice my routine every day, yeah, yeah, I know what I’m supposed to do. But I don’t do it. I’m working on it, though. And you should, too. Do those things you know you should be doing, and ask for help if you can’t keep on track alone.

Don’t “Boo” The Performers

We don’t get any hecklers, we put on a great show. But I know, the next day there’s one person saying he’s seen better, can do it better himself, you know the type. To this person, I say, “put up or shut up.” I mean, really, can he do what I do? And to you, I say, “Don’t be this person!” Appreciate the efforts of others, use or enjoy what they have to offer, and then say, “Thank you.”


This is Tom signing off. I hope Dangerous’ advice helps you. We both wish you a Happy New Year.

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