As a corporate event planner, it is important to make your event stand out. Building buzz will get people in the door, so creating excitement around your event needs to be considered at every phase of planning.

A couple of years ago, one corporate event planner was putting together a parking lot picnic with a summer beach theme. She wanted a uniform look and needed an event logo to brand the party. Instead of going to a designer, she decided to announce the event by launching a company wide logo contest. Even the outer offices were invited to participate.

News quickly spread as employees shared the contest with the most artistic and original thinkers on the staff. Dozens of logos were submitted and the IT department created a web page where everyone could vote for their favorites. Within a few days, everyone knew about the picnic and everyone was looking forward to it.

The winning logo was selected and the promotional product vendor provided a special silk screened gift for the contest winner.

Talk about Corporate Event Branding Impact!

The contest allowed employees to be creative. Everyone had fun with the process. And the entire company knew about the upcoming event.

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