Ventriloquist For Hire

It sounds like something you'd read scrawled on a piece of cardboard being held by a homeless person with a puppet.


ventriloquist for hire


While my characters often joke about me talking to myself, the truth is, I earn a pretty good living.  The fact I get to fly around the country and make people laugh is a bonus!

If you are looking to hire a ventriloquist, chances are you've seen one. Maybe a television appearance by Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator, Jay Johnson or Paul Zerdin. Their mass appeal has rejuvenated interest in the art of ventriloquism.

Today, ventriloquists are more popular than ever. The older generation remembers the “good ol' days” of Nestles' Chocolate jingle. Although many may not remember, the song was made famous by ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson.

Others remember growing up with Shari Lewis, Lambchop and Charlie Horse. Her talents spanned generations of children, even 20 somethings can remember Shari's TV shows.

The Muppets had another profound impact on the public. The characters graced the small screen and appeared in major motion pictures. Seasame Street is a classic. Disney loved the muppets so much they paid millions for the rights. Not bad income for a bunch of fleece and foam.

There is something about a puppet that comes to life. The fascination starts back as far as Pinocchio. Sure, Rod Sterling and other movie producers gave it a dark side, but most still love the zaniness a puppet provides.

So if you are want some unique entertainment & are looking for a ventriloquist to hire, let us know. Tom creates personalized programs your audience will love. Let's talk about your event today.

So back to: Ventriloquist For Hire

Doing some research, my assistant found that yes, people actually enter that phrase into google, yahoo, bing and other search engines trying to find – a ventriloquist for hire.

So we decided to put that phrase on our web site so that we could fail to show up in yet another search!  I think I'll go practice now so just in case someone wants a ventriloquist for hire, and contacts me, I'll be ready!

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