In a recent article, we shared ten of the top ventriloquists working today. Expanding on that list, we’d like to discuss more ventriloquists who are at the top of their game. These ventriloquists are listed in no particular order.

  1. Dan Horn – Dan is an amazing American comedian with puppets. His skill as a ventriloquist is exceptional. For years Dan was the featured live entertainment on Princess Cruise Lines. He has entertained audiences around the world. Other ventriloquists respect Dan’s skills as a puppet manipulator. Dan taught puppet manipulation for the International Ventriloquist Convention and the Japanese Ventriloquist Association.
  2. Sammy King – Sammy is a legend in the world of ventriloquism. His act with Francisco The Mexican Parrot was featured in Las Vegas Reviews and the Crazy Horse in Paris. Sammy suffered a setback when his vocal chords scarred. He has just started performing again on a limited schedule in Branson, MO.
  3. Jim Barber – Jim has had a successful career in ventriloquist comedy. His early career included television performances and college tours across the United States. He settled in Branson, MO and became partners in the Hamner-Barber Theatre. His comedy puppet skits provided comedy relief between the Hamner’s major illusions. And magic. In 2013, Jim retired from the theater and began performing on cruises again. The ventriloquist community respects Jim for his skills as a showman.
  4. Todd Oliver – Todd Oliver was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. His talking dog act captured the attention of the viewing public. Todd’s originality, stage presence and generosity are known throughout the world of ventriloquism.
  5. Top Ventriloquist Sarah JonesSarah Jones – Australian ventriloquist Sarah Jones is a shining example of a top ventriloquist. Her sense of humor and shy appearance offset the characters she brings to life. Sarah entertains at clubs, on cruises and at Fringe Festivals.
  6. Ken Groves – One of the best ventriloquist comedians in the United States, Ken is known as the “Lips Of Stone.” Ken is the author of two books on the art of ventriloquism. Groves is also part of the International Ventriloquist Convention's management team. This role has helped him influence many of the future's top ventriloquists.
  7. Willie Tyler – Willie is best known for his 1970's McDonald's commercials. A featured act with Motown, Willie became a star of television and comedy clubs. His act headlined throughout the United States.
  8. Jimmy Nelson – Jimmy is the Dean of American Ventriloquists. As spokesperson for Texaco, he performed live commercials during the Milton Berle Show. Later, Jimmy became a spokesman for Nestle Chocolate. He and his characters made the N-E-S-T-L-E-S jingle famous. Today Jimmy performs a limited amount of shows near his home in Florida.

If you are looking for a funny ventriloquist comedian for a live entertainment event, contact our office. Tom Crowl is also one of the top ventriloquists working today. If he isn't right for your event, we will help you find someone that is.

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