The term “corporate event” covers a wide range of event styles. They could be large multi-day conferences with thousands of attendees. A corporate event could also be a small meeting with only a couple of executives. Whenever your company hosts an event, no matter what size, its reputation is on the line.

Corporate event planners can help you avoid the problems that make businesses look bad. With the right planner, boring events become a thing of the past. A good event planner listens to your needs and understands your goals. They work with you to make sure you host a seamless event that pushes all the right buttons.

Finding the right corporate event planner for your function can be difficult. You want to make certain they have expertise in the type of event you are planning.

Here is our list of the Top Traits of a
Great Corporate Event Planner:

1. They Are An Idea Generator:
A great planner develops ideas based on your needs. Not just themes or decorations. They have a firm grasp of locations that will meet your requirements. They will offer ideas for the menu, staffing and service, entertainment possibilities and more. If your budget is stretched, they understand how to find sponsorship and can make those suggestions too.

2. They Remain Flexible:
Great corporate event planners are open to suggestions. They are willing to morph their suggestions to accommodate the client. The planning will evolve and change as things progress. You definitely want someone who can roll with the punches and still knock the event out of the park.

3. They Understand The Importance Of Decor:
Decorations are far from the most important aspect of an event. People do not remember the color of napkins or the centerpiece of the table a year after the event. But decor creates ambience that is still important to your function. Your decor must work with the theme. It must be reasonable within your budget. Decor should never interfere with sight lines or communication between guests.

4. They Should Have A Plan:
Everything should be mapped out and most important, shared with vendors and organizers. Good plans fail when people aren't in the loop. Does your caterer understand the chain reaction caused by slow service? Does your speaker realize what guests are missing when their speech runs long? Everyone should understand their role in the bigger picture.

5. They Must Be Able To Delegate:
A corporate event that falls on one person is extremely stressful. An event requires a team. A great corporate event planner develops their team with each person's strengths in mind. They have great relationship and leading skills. They communicate their needs, place faith in those they send forward and keep tabs on the results.

6. They Follow-Up And Evaluate Results:
Was the event a success? If so, why or why not? What can you do differently in the future to improve and make things run smoother? Great corporate event planners always study their creations and find ways to improve. That is a part of what makes them great.

Questions to ask before hiring a corporate event planner:

It is important to interview an event planner just as you would any employee. They may be a consultant, but you need to know they are the right person for the job.

Here are some basic questions to start your interview:

  • What is the most recent event you have organized?
  • Have you supervised events like the one we are planning?
  • What were your responsibilities for that event?
  • How many people attended?
  • Did the attendance meet or exceed the client's expectations?
  • Did anything unexpected happen?
  • If so, how did you correct the problem?
  • How much time will you need to plan and promote the event?
  • Will you need additional people from the company to assist?
  • Do you work out of your own home or office? Or does the company have to provide one?
  • Will you be there on the day of the event?
  • If you will not, or something happens, who would be there?
  • Do you charge a flat fee?
  • If not, what items or services do you bill?
  • Do you have references we may contact?

If you will be working directly with the planner, make sure it is someone you like. An in person interview helps you gauge how they communicate and react. They will be representing your company. Make certain you trust and are comfortable with them.

Follow these tips and you will narrow your search to a great corporate event planner for your company. If you have any questions about this article, or need information regarding corporate event entertainment, please contact our office.