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Planning Event Entertainment

Events have a purpose. There are goals you must reach to achieve a return on the investment. When planning a corporate event, each element weighs against the final outcome.

For a corporate or association event, the purpose is usually well defined. For a private event, it may not be as evident, however there is always a reason.

As an event planner you need to ask:

How will this element help to achieve the objective?

Unfortunately even experienced event planners sometimes neglect this question when it comes to corporate shows.

If the event requires entertainment, don't hire a corporate entertainer just to fill the spot. That is a missed opportunity. You need to subject your corporate entertainment to the same scrutiny as every other element of the event.

Is a DJ a good idea for a networking event? Probably not. Music would drown out conversations. People may end up drifting out of the room to talk. Or escape music they don't care for. You've hired entertainment, but it defeats the event's purpose.

Following a banquet, some event planners place a speaker on-stage. The speech may encompass a message that enhances to goal, but will people listen? After eating most tend to feel tired as their body digests the meal. Attention can drift, sabotaging the value of your talent and your desired outcome.

Now let's consider corporate comedy. Laughter has a therapeutic effect on the human body. The brain becomes stimulated as it releases endorphins. It causes people to relax. They become open to ideas and messages.

Laughter is an icebreaker. It creates a shared group experience bringing guests together. When people laugh, they form memories which help them remember a topic.

Comedy corporate shows can communicate your theme or message to the audience. They emotionalize the subject to rivet attention and drive memorable points home.

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