Atlantic City Corporate Entertainment

Atlantic City offers remarkable advantages for corporate entertainment event planners.  The city is convenient to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.  The gambling and casinos offer an enticing draw and resorts and hotels provide top notch meeting locations and services.  With all this going for it, Atlantic City, New Jersey has become a major host for East Coast corporate functions.

The appeal of Atlantic City is undeniable, but it also presents an issue when it comes to planning corporate entertainment.   Clients want their people to benefit from their event and stay engaged.  If the corporate entertainment can’t entice guests to stay, and then deliver the goods, clients lose valuable time with their guests.

Because people often have widely varied musical tastes, many after dinner entertainment planners have looked toward comedy.  Everyone loves to laugh, so a comedian or variety artist is often “given a chance” before people will run to the exits.  If the act engages the audience, you’ve got a successful evening; in Atlantic City, with the draw of the slots, shows and nightlife, it had better be good!

Event planners often worry a comedian may resort to material that is too racy for their event.  You’ve probably heard firsthand or from an aquaintence, the language and topics used in comedy clubs.  Although the comedian claims their act will be clean, you worry.  If the audience’s response isn’t as expected, the material may drift over the limit.  Clean comedians sometimes suffer the opposite effect; their material is so generic it doesn’t produce strong laughs.

Magicians and jugglers are generally considered safe back up forms of entertainment.  Because so many events use magic, audiences have seen a bowling ball drop magically from a drawing pad, or a man wiggle out of a strait jacket.  And how many times has a juggler tossed around razor sharp machetes?

Give Your Audience
Different Corporate Entertainment!

Ventriloquists are one of the hottest comedy niches in America.  Two of them even hold places on Forbes list of the highest grossing entertainers.   With as popular as ventriloquism is, most people have never seen a ventriloquist perform in a live setting.  There just aren’t that many professional ventriloquists, and the number dwindles when you remove the ones that aren’t suitable for the corporate market.

Ventriloquism offers a combination of comedy, variety and the Muppets thrown into an incredibly entertaining show.   Tom takes things a step further by creating a program that is personalized to your event and audience.  The moment his puppets begin to recognize some of your guests, the room erupts into huge laughs.  Care is taken to ensure no one is embarrassed or offended.  Your audience will become the stars of the evening.

When planning corporate entertainment for your Atlantic City corporate event, contact our office for a complimentary event consultation.  We look forward to helping you make your next corporate function a successful one!

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