What do the best corporate comedians have in common?

If you answered “They are funny!”, you are only partially right. Funny is a given. Comedians should be funny. Otherwise they are only – ians.

Corporate comedy requires a unique style. Most comedians learn their trade at open mics in comedy clubs. In the comedy club setting, foul language and shock humor sometimes rule the night. That doesn’t play at a corporate event.

In the corporate environment, people are watching.

No one wants their co-workers to see them laugh at something that may not be politically correct. Vulgarity can cost a company more than embarrassment. Reputations are on the line.

The best corporate comedians realize they represent their client. At that event, for that performance, they are an employee too. They treat the boss with respect. They treat their co-workers in the audience with respect. They maintain a professional attitude.

The best corporate comedians know how to keep their act clean. Funny has nothing to do with obscenity. Funny is more than just a series of jokes. True laughs result from connecting with an audience and tailoring the material to their taste.

The best corporate comedians are open to learning about your event’s purpose. They want to understand your audience and your corporate culture. They want to make the program personal to leave the guests realizing your company cares about doing things the right way.

The best corporate comedians grab the audience’s attention at the start. They take your guests on a roller coaster ride of laughter and emotions. They make your people feel and remember. They impart your message to help you reach your objectives.

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