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Corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl of Baltimore, Maryland takes corporate entertainment in Baltimore to the next level. Crowl's comedy show has appeared as headline entertainment at corporate events throughout the United States. Tom has also traveled the globe entertaining on cruise ships and at 5-star resorts.

“The show is designed to keep people laughing. We want them to relax and enjoy themselves,” said Crowl. “My passion is figuring out what will make them laugh. That is why I find corporate events so fascinating.”

When companies hire a corporate entertainer, they usually have a specific goal. Entertainment for the sake of entertainment is seldom the reason. They may want to highlight a particular message or product. In some cases they want to create a highlight that features their cause or people.

“The real job is to take the client's goal and engage their people with comedy that makes their corporate entertainment memorable,” said Crowl.

Most of Tom's performances actually take place outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Corporate entertainment and speaker agencies hire him to make their clients look amazing. It isn't unusal for Tom to hop on a plane to travel across the country for a single appearance.

Most often, Crowl's corporate performances headlines entertainment for awards banquets, annual meetings, conferences and conventions. He is also brought in for customer appreciation events, luncheons, holiday parties and team building.

A comedian for team building?

Team building activities are often a essential part of company events. One of the best ways to generate camaraderie among co-workers is creating a memorable shared experience.

“Laughter fits that scenario perfectly,” says Crowl. “When you can generate convulsive laughter over something the audience deals with daily, they will recall and share that moment again and again, long after the event.”

Crowl's program also spurs the imagination. Ventriloquism allows the audience to set aside reality. “It is amazing to watch people become engrossed in a character interaction only to be jolted back to the reality that there is only one person on stage.” said Crowl.

Audience interaction plays a huge role in Tom's performances. “A corporate entertainer needs to keep the audience engaged. An audience consists of a bunch of individuals, each with their own likes, dislikes and train of thought. My job is to interact with them on a personal level and pull them into the performance. The show isn't about me, it is about them. They are the true stars of the show.”

Crowl is currently accepting corporate entertainment bookings in Baltimore, Maryland and internationally. If you'd like to make your next corporate event contact our office today. We'd be happy to hear about your plans and needs to see if Tom's style of corporate comedy would be a good fit.

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