Ventriloquist comedy acts combine the delivery of a stand up comedian with a universal fascination of puppetry.

Think about the crazy ad-lib antics of Robin Williams in a Muppet-style puppet. Add in a straight man and you have a winning stand up ventriloquist comedy act.

Using lip control and puppet manipulation, ventriloquists create the illusion their characters are alive. When blended with acting, showmanship and great comedy, the illusion is complete. Audiences forget that only one person is on-stage and begin to believe the puppets are real. The first time an audience laughs at something the puppet says, a ventriloquist has achieved the magic of ventriloquism.

Ventriloquist Tom Crowl is a master of the art. His show has opened concerts ventriloquist comedyfor major recording artists. Tom has appeared on television, including the hit NBC show, Last Comic Standing. In the ventriloquist community, Crowl is known for his unique teaching methods. He has developed several courses that help others learn to perform and hone the skills of ventriloquism.

To keep his ventriloquist comedy skills sharp, Crowl works a variety of venues. One of the most challenging is street performance. Several days each summer, Tom entertains at BeachStreet USA in Virginia Beach. It is a difficult challenge to draw and hold an audience on the street. Some performers juggle fire or knives, or offer flashy magic. Standing on a street corner with a puppet talking to yourself almost creates a “homeless” vibe. To his credit, Crowl draws large audiences for his performances. Each show becomes unique as the puppets interact and comment on what is happening around them.

His ad-lib skills are what draw audiences into Tom's performance. He uses this ability to his client's benefit when working corporate programs. The company's guests, executives, event and product or service become integrated into the program. Crowl excels at interaction as his characters begin talking with members of the audience. This completes the illusion creating personalized ventriloquist comedy.

Audience participation is a key ingredient in Crowl's program. In one of his most popular routines, he invites two volunteers on-stage to become Human Puppets. Providing the volunteers with articulated jaws, everyone begins laughing. The Human Puppets get cartoon-like voices and everyone, including Tom, is surprised by what they say. It is often hard to tell who is laughing harder, the audience, or the volunteers.

Triple D – Dangerous Dudley Duck is another crowd favorite. This cute little white duck has a worldly attitude. He gets around and has no trouble offering his opinion on any subject. (Including ones he doesn't know about.)

Crowl's posse of puppets also includes Wilson the Tennis Ball and Nancy Drew, a sketch of an audience member that comes to life. A newer addition to the suitcase is Taco, the world's dumbest dog. This adorable creature has audiences falling in love with him the moment he comes on stage. He is also the archenemy of Wilson, who Taco loves to chew.

Contact our office to discuss bringing ventriloquist comedy to your next event. A co-founder of the International Ventriloquist Society, Tom is a friend of some of the best comedian ventriloquists in the business. If Tom’s act is not available, we are happy to recommend a quality stand up comedy ventriloquist for your event.