TerryandTaylor2014Ventriloquist Terry Fator astounded the judges and viewing audience when he stepped on stage for America’s Got Talent.  His unbelievable voice allows him to mimic any singer.  When combined with his flawless ventriloquism skills, he quickly became a favorite and won the program against some very tough competition.  Terry's sudden fame helped him to land a $100 million dollar contract headlining his own theatre at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Terry's fame is one of the reasons ventriloquism is such a popular form of corporate comedy.  His visibility has helped to elevate the art in the eyes of the public.  It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

Even with Terry’s incredible success, he remembers his roots.  His current status allows him to help others, and he has been extremely generous to the ventriloquism community.

This year, Terry created a scholarship to help two people win a trip to the VentHaven Ventriloquist convention.  In addition to two scholarship awards, he teamed with VentHaven Convention, his web site design company, Bubble Up, and Steve Axtell of Axtell Expressions.  Winners not only received a $2,000 to help them get to the convention, but free registrations and $350 toward a professional puppet from Axtell.

When I found out about the scholarship, it was already in place.  The program tied in with the mission statement for one of my projects.  In March of this year, I created an online, virtual lesson ventriloquism course.  My goal was to create a tool that would help people learn the correct way to be a ventriloquist.  With better instruction, they can become better ventriloquists and performers.  My hope is to further the art form and interest future generations.

I contacted Terry about the possibility of participating in future offerings of the scholarship.  Terry checked out the course and called me to say he’d like to include the course this year.  I was blown away.

I’d like to thank Terry for all he has done to promote ventriloquism.  And I want to congratulate Arnis, Cole and Joshua for sending in their videos and being winners!

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