WESTMINSTER, MD., January 5th, 2016 – Ventriloquism may be an illusion, but Tom Crowl's Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course is certainly not. With five free lessons to get aspiring ventriloquists started, Crowl proves he is not just passionate about teaching the art form, but eager to give everything he's got to those ready to learn with his breakthrough ventriloquist training.

The course launched in 2012. Since then, it has seen almost 4,000 national and international members pass through its virtual doors, turning dusty puppets and rusty ventriloquists into shining stars. Said Crowl of the groundbreaking course, “Until I created the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course, there were only a few ways to learn ventriloquism online: Free ventriloquism websites or sites that sold books and DVD's, limited online articles, and lessons on YouTube. Each had its drawbacks. To learn ventriloquism on YouTube, you had to sit through tons of videos that spoof ventriloquists. Most of the videos were poorly made and the skills were not adequately explained. Others offered completely incorrect information. You could surf Youtube all day and be no closer to learning ventriloquism than when you started.”

These limited resources spurred Crowl to create a virtual space that delivered genuine information at an incredibly affordable rate. With the help of his team, he designed videos that offered everything other courses and YouTube videos lacked: Actionable items, integrity, and professional knowledge. All of this is delivered with fun and laughter, traits that come naturally for the comedian ventriloquist. From free lessons to core lessons and master classes, Crowl has every base covered. An online store at the learning site also offers puppets, DVD's, and other novelties for purchase. Students, both past and present, can't stop raving about Tom Crowl and his killer course.

John Morgan is a past student. He says, “This is a great course! This is an essential course, and one with this level of depth has been a long time coming. Vents (ventriloquists) should be lining up. The more I study ventriloquism, the more I begin to understand that this is more than just about lip control. We have to be jacks of all trades. This course is concise and focused on our needs. Tom, you have outdone yourself!”

Said graduate Sarah Jones, “This course is the definitive guide to learning ventriloquism. It makes learning ventriloquism a snap, no matter what your learning style is. Whether you are an absolute novice starting from scratch or a seasoned pro ready to refresh your skills, this course will be an investment in your future.”

Ventriloquist Chuck Lyons added, “I am always looking to improve, so I purchased the Learn-Ventriloquism Course after reviewing the free ventriloquist lessons. It took my skill level to a higher point, especially when it came to saying the more difficult letters. I sounded clearer and made sense. Tom has taken the ventriloquism course from the old time mail order into the modern age with the Internet. If I had it 40 years ago, who knows where I'd be today.”

The thing that genuinely sets the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course apart from any other is the way Crowl teaches. Designed as if he were sitting directly in front of you, the comedian ventriloquist delivers lessons thoroughly, and with patience and accuracy.

“The course was structured in a way that the ventriloquist lessons followed on from the previous lesson,” student Ian Mac said, “covering all the letters and those dreaded labials. Tom gets right up close to the camera so you can see tongue positions for the letters. Each video is accompanied with a written lesson and additional exercises, as well as written instruction on each lesson with work cards to practice and develop the sound. The course also covers finding the correct puppet/figure to use, as well as creating a character for that puppet. Writing scripts and joke files is covered to help develop your performance.”

Tom Crowl's authenticity and desire to deliver with his online ventriloquist training has earned him a reputable partnership with Maher Ventriloquist Studios, the International Ventriloquists Society in Barefoot Bay, Florida. Creating content that was genuine and useful was very important to Crowl.

“As a professional ventriloquist, it hurts me to see the art abused by people,” Crowl said. “Anyone interested in learning ventriloquism should be able to get access to proper instruction. Let the people who are only curious play the misinformation game. The Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course is designed for people who want to learn how to be a ventriloquist. If you are seriously interested in learning ventriloquism, you have found the right place.”

Anyone interested in the course can register for the first five Ventriloquism Lessons for free! To sign up visit: http://learn-ventriloquism.com
To see what others are saying about the ventriloquist training course, click here.
For booking and to learn more about Tom Crowl, please visit: https://comedyventriloquist.com

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