What Is Fun? Everyone wants to have fun, but since everyone enjoys different things, how can you make sure your guests have fun at your next corporate event?

What makes things fun?

First you have to realize there is a difference between FUN and HAPPY. You could be HAPPY eating a great meal, but that doesn't mean it's FUN. You could be HAPPY that the doctor told you you are healthy, again, that doesn't make it FUN.

One thing is certain though, when people have FUN, they're usually HAPPY.

So how can you make your CORPORATE EVENTS FUN?

First, let's start by looking at the definition of FUN

As a Noun, FUN means: Enjoyment, Amusement, or Lighthearted Pleasure.
As an Adjective, FUN means: Amusing, Entertaining, or Enjoyable.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes fun as: what provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically : playful often boisterous action or speech

And the Urban dictionary describes fun in the words of SpongeBob – F is for Friends who do stuff together! U – is for you and me! and N is for anywhere and anytime…

So to create fun – you should start with friends. How can you create a feeling of friendship among people in your company, or event guests from around the globe? You'll need to establish a sense of camaraderie. A good corporate entertainer can help create a shared audience atmosphere, which develops the proper atmosphere for fun.

Amusement and amusing where used in all of the reference definitions. People love to be amused, to laugh – to have fun!

So when you want your guests to have fun – think laughs – think comedy – think corporate entertainment by Tom Crowl.

Tom will have your guests involved, laughing and leaving with incredible memories that achieve the accolades you deserve.

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