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You are tapping on your keyboard; suddenly the CEO of your company calls you. With shivering hands you move into his office to find out what it is about this time. The CEO wishes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company and he wants YOU to plan the event. He wants it to be a PERFECT event; an unforgettable experience for the employees. You have already started counting the number of employees in your head.  Your forehead starts shining to see the depth of the job. The shine is not the pride to undertake the honor; it’s the cold sweat because you know that you are once again on the hook.

It is a challenging job, which means that you have a good opportunity to prove your metal. Wipe off that sweat and get started. The first thing you will need to do is have a look at the allowed budget for the event. This is not the birthday party of your son where you can spend as much as you like. You must stay within the budget, and still bring the value to the corporate event.

One of the best ways to bring fun is to have themed parties. A masquerade party can cast a charm or you can go for a big band party with lots of dancing and music. A themed party allows participants to engage in the atmosphere and enjoy. The most distinguishing element of such parties is its decoration and outfits. Adornments make the place look different and exciting. You can also induct corporate entertainment into the event.

Do you remember the time when you watched a great comedy movie with your friends or family? These moments of relentless giggles are just unforgettable. Stage comedy is another successful way of making corporate parties exciting, especially if it’s done by a professional corporate entertainer. Everyone enjoys a hilarious performance, especially when it is performed on-stage by a corporate event entertainer. You can hire a magician, stage comedian or a ventriloquist for this job. Corporate entertainment is one of the most sought-after activities, both by event planners as well as audiences.

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