It’s that time of year again—

Time to find the entertainment for your corporate holiday party.

We are here to help with Holiday Party Entertainment Made Easy!

Trust me, I can feel that pit of dread in your stomach from here, and I don’t blame you for having it.

Bringing an entertainer in to your corporate party is kind of like letting a baboon loose at the zoo. You wonder,

“Is he going to run around happily and entertain everyone or is he going to do the wrong thing, say something in appropriate, steal someone’s peanuts and make this the last holiday party we get to have?”

When you hire a corporate entertainer, you shouldn’t have to think about any of those things.

Really, you shouldn't.

After all, your entertainer is a business owner too.

He or she should understand that there are things you can do and say—and things you can’t.

Corporate comedians can provide the best bang for your entertainment buck, but because humor is so subjective, they can also bring up verboten topics that upset management or the staff and turn the party into a disaster. But if the business comedian is too careful, they won’t be funny. So what’s a party planner to do?

Hire an Experienced Comedian

Interviews help you weed out the inappropriate entertainers and can save you from a lot of headaches and employee complaints.

Interview them the same way you might a potential employee. Find out:

  • how they read the audience,
  • how they deal with unexpected issues,
  • how many events they’ve had each year.

(in other words, are they being asked back or having trouble getting repeat business?),

  • what their planning and researching process is, etc.

The more professional and prepared the comedian is, the better choice he or she is for your event.

Consider a Ventriloquist

Stand-up comedy routines can often come across as aggressive when the comedian tries to be edgy, or confrontational when he or she is simply trying to engage the audience.

But do you know what isn’t considered aggressive or confrontational in corporate comedy?

A puppet.

Or a ventriloquist mask placed on a couple of your employees.

The art of ventriloquism gives a comedian the opportunity to walk that fine line between edgy and inappropriate to get the most laughs from your workplace crowd. They offer a multidimensional experience that allows everyone to be in on the joke, no matter their point of view or sense of humor.

To schedule corporate entertainment for your holiday party and make a name as the best party planner your company has had, contact us today.