The holidays are getting close and management has decided to give you the stressful task of organizing this year’s corporate Christmas party.

You have never done this before and have no idea where to start! It must go right as a bad corporate Christmas party is never forgotten, and who will be to blame … you.

Lucky for you, corporate comedian Tom Crowl has come up with five tips to help you organize this year’s Christmas Event. If you follow these correctly, this will be a party that the company will never forget!

Company Christmas Party Tips

Tip One – You need to relax. The worst thing you could do is start stressing about the situation, because then things will most likely go wrong. Sit back and take a deep breath, then you can approach this with a clear head.

Tip Two – You need to speak to management about the budget. You don't want to go and book something that’s going to cost the company a fortune without their prior approval! After all, you don't want any of this coming out of your own pocket.

Tip Three – Get some help from your colleagues! You can discuss with them where the previous Christmas Parties have been held and get their opinions on each venue. What worked and what didn't? Which venue did they like best? Try not to pick the exact same venues, but maybe something similar is a good way to go. Also, try not to go for something too far away. You need to provide transport and the further afield you go, the more money it’s going to cost. Keep unnecessary expenditure to a minimum.

Tip Four – Entertainment is key. The worst thing you could do is spend all this time and effort organizing the evening, and then it all gets ruined by some boring entertainer that speaks the whole evening in Monotone! You could hire 2 different entertainment companies. One could be a Magician or a comedian and the other a local music band or DJ. As long as you pick companies with good reviews and mix it up a bit the evening will go off with a bang! If you are hiring a DJ, it may be worth asking your colleagues which type of music they like and then you can make sure that the DJ knows what you would like him to play. There is nothing more embarrassing than when a DJ plays all the latest RAP tunes for 40 – 60 year olds! You want to get everyone up to dance, so they genre of music played is very important!

Tip 5 – You need to order a caterer. It’s a lot less stress for you as all you will need to do is provide them with different food options and they will show up on the day at whichever time you tell them to. Easy! They can then also arrange an array of foods for different cultures.

I think that just about covers the 5 most important things you need to consider when organizing a Corporate Christmas Party.

If you are looking for a no-obligation event consultation, contact Tom at (410)596-4127 and he will be happy to help!