Need great entertainment ideas for corporate events?  Here are some ideas that can help make planning your next function easier:

Comedy Waiters are an unexpected twist and may be perfect for everything from executive luncheons to banquets.

Classical music may be used to provide ambiance to meals or cocktail hours.

Corporate comedians may provide a unique perspective to your group that will lighten the mood, build camaraderie and create memories.

Ventriloquists are a unique form of comedy that is seldom seen live. A skilled comedy ventriloquist can be extremely funny and incorporate your audience in ways they won't forget.

Jugglers Can Keep People On The Edge Of Their Seats With Incredible Skills Using Knives, Fire And Even Chainsaws.

Magicians offer options for atmosphere entertainment by roving among your guests during a cocktail hours, or providing after dinner shows. They can also be good as hospitality suite or trade show entertainment.

Imposters and Comedy Speakers can motivate audiences and break tension from a day of workshops, training or meetings.

Game Shows can pull your guests into the act and create a memorable entertainment. A great team building entertainment option.

Hypnotists involve your audience and make them the stars of the show. You want to make certain your group is laid back, because some people are uncomfortable they will look ridiculous in front of co-workers or the boss.

Mentalists can engage the audience with apparently supernatural mind reading and memory stunts. While not visual, these feats can leave people baffled.

Strolling, Roving or Atmosphere entertainment can include mimes, magicians, wacky waiters, musicians, caricature artists, human statues, musicians, jugglers and fortune tellers. They add a personal touch to any event.

There are also non-entertainer forms of corporate event activities, such as PhotoBooths, video games, simulators, video booths, arcade games and laser tag.

Depending on your budget, you could mix and match different entertainers to create a variety of talent and options.

There are so many corporate entertainment options to consider, it can be tough finding an entertainer that will fit your event and audience. Before you hire a corporate entertainer, keep in mind:

  • Know the demographics of your audience. It is important to find entertainment that appeals to their tastes.
  • Understand the outcome you expect. Do you want the entertainment to educate, to inspire, to reward or to set the tone of your event?

Consider the type of corporate event you are planning. Not all types of entertainment will work in all environments. No matter what entertainment or activity you choose, the goal is to meet the event's objective and make certain everyone has a great time.

When you are planning your corporate event and need to hire corporate entertainment, contact our office for a corporate entertainment consultation. We will listen to your needs and work with you to find great entertainment ideas for your event.  Let us help you achieve the accolades you deserve.