How To Create A Unique Corporate Event

When you attend a corporate event, chances are you will notice some common features that are shared by almost every one.

These Common Traits Include:

Mingling – Happy Hours or Cocktails that give guests a chance to arrive and unwind.

Addresses By Management – from a simple welcome to a pivotal speech.

Incentives and Recognition – Awards, certificates or simply thanking people.


Rewards – these can include corporate entertainment, gifts or bonuses.

So if almost every corporate event has these features in common, the question becomes, how to make your event different and memorable.

Content Is The Key!

During planning, make certain every phase of the event will reinforce your content and message. Then find a distinctive approach to style these components so they enhance instead of detract from the overall message and theme.

Instead of networking Happy Hours, turn the activity into team building games. Incorporate social media like twitter and LinkedIn to create ways for guests to connect and grow their circles.

Anyone who addresses the guests should be kept informed and on topic as your event draws closer. By using audio, video and interactivity your speakers can bridge the audience gap and offer information in a more exciting manner, while building personal connections with the audience.

Acknowledgements and awards should be limited to highlight achievements within the content focus. This helps you to avoid long speeches or sending mixed messages that can ruin the flow of your event.

Rewards, including corporate entertainment, should be tailored to emphasize your content too. Find a corporate entertainer that can easily adapt to your message and audience. This makes the event fun, while offering a unique perspective to help reinforce your message and theme.

Focusing on your content allows you to make the “conventional” aspects “exceptional” aspects, creating a truly unique corporate event.

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