As an event planner, you want to make each event unique and memorable. The best events are the ones that people continue to talk about. How can you ensure your events fall into that category? Let us share a couple of:

Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas
That Can Help!

Human Puppets:

When the guests become involved in the program, attention rivets to the stage. Create some incredible comedy around that participation and you have memories that last.

Comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl turns people into living ventriloquist puppets, complete with articulated jaw. Volunteers won't believe what comes out of their “mouth.” Corporate comedy moves to a new level and everyone has a new topic of conversation for years to come.

Virtual Puppets:

Tom also offers a unique presentation of virtual puppets. Any photo turns into a puppet completely under Crowl's control. Imagine your product, a mascot or a picture of your CEO coming to life and interacting with everyone. The virtual puppets were hailed by America's Got Talent judges as the future of ventriloquism. Contact Tom to discuss how your next event may use this entertainment idea.

The Boss Puppet:

Another cool corporate party entertainment idea is creating a ventriloquist puppet of your boss! Imagine announcing the president of your company wants to say a few words. The employees quiet down and look toward the stage. The laughs start as a ventriloquist figure replica of the president (or any other executive) is carried out. The comedy flies as the “president” issues some changes being made at the company. Just when it can't get any funnier, the real president shows up to confront the impostor.

Your company will talk about the Boss Puppet for a long time! Best of all, the puppet gets presented to your boss at the end of the performance. He will have a momento that can continue to make appearances for years to come.

If you'd like to discuss these or other cool corporate entertainment ideas, contact Tom now. He listens to your event goals and brainstorms with you to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.