The term party entertainers may bring to mind a child's birthday with a magician, clown, bounce house and pony rides. Not exactly the type of entertainment you want at a corporate party. (Unless your party is a family day event.)

There is nothing wrong with a children's entertainer, but they won't cut the mustard at an all adult corporate event.

Corporate party entertainers are a different breed.

A corporate party entertainer understands that every corporate function has a purpose. There is a reason behind the event and their role is to help the organizer exceed the boss' expectations.

Corporate entertainment needs to be appropriate to your event and audience. Keeping things clean, yet genuinely funny is an art in itself.

Foul language, political rants & sexual inuendo may play in the comedy club, but definitely not at the corporate level. If your comedian doesn't understand that, you will be the one talking with the boss the next day.

A big mistake many new company event planners make is under-budgeting entertainment. There is a difference between the $500 comedian and a $5,000 comedy act. Just as you pay more for a steak from a 5 star restaurant, you get a refined level of quality, service and expertise. That experience shows up big time when laughs are rolling through your audience and people congratulate you on a great event afterward.

Finding the right party entertainer for your corporate event can be a difficult task. Every event has a different level of expectation. A holiday party for a local business is very different than a Fortune 500 company. How can you determine which entertainer is right for your event?

That is where we can help. Tom Crowl has over thirty years of international performing experience. He has entertained at corporate events from coast to coast. In that time he has worked with some of the best event planners and corporate party entertainers in the business.

Contact our office now to discuss your event needs. If Tom isn't the right act for your corporate party, he will help you find someone that can make your event a success.

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