As the event planner, your job is to create an experience guests will remember. An event that will provide a positive reflection on your company or client, and create a valuable ROI. To do this, you must create a network of reliable corporate event services that can help you achieve your goal.

Many companies want to stay trendy, providing their attendees with the latest and greatest. It is almost impossible for one person to keep up with everything that is happening in the world of events and entertainment. That is why building your network is so important.

Here are some top
corporate event services
you should have on your team:

Corporate Event Venues:

Get to know your local event venues. These include hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and gaming locations such as bowling alleys. Build relationships with their sales and catering management to learn how they can best serve you.

Destination Management Companies:

Planning out of town events requires an indepth local knowledge of your destination. DMC's maintain relationships with a variety of corporate event vendors and hospitality services. For evening or off-site events, a DMC can handle the logistics to make sure everything goes smoothly. They are a valuable partner to have as a part of your network.

Corporate Entertainment Specialist:

A corporate entertainment specialist is different than an entertainment agency. Agencies will look to their roster of talent to fill your entertainment needs. A specialist will look at the broader picture and draw talent from a wider pool.

Tom Crowl has thirty years of experience providing corporate entertainment across the United States. During that time he has networked with some of the best corporate entertainers and agencies in the business. If Tom's program is not right for your event, he works with you to find the perfect solution. Contact our office for a complimentary no-obligation corporate entertainment consultation now.

Communications And Social Media Consultant:

From invitations and agendas to conference materials and promotion, events require communication. Event planners who try to handle these details can make better use of their time by having a consultant on their team. The consultant works with writers, graphic designers, printers and social marketers. They make certain your event has a cohesive message, brand and theme.

Party Rental Supplier:

As an event planner it makes sense to establish a relationship with a party rental supplier. While venues will often handle this piece of the puzzle, there may be times you need to rent supplies directly. Party rental suppliers can provide audio-visual equipment, chairs, tables, place settings, linens, lighting, tents and more. They are a great source for discovering themes for an event too.

From a local event to a multi-city event tour, having a dedicated corporate event services team will make your life easier. Make sure to partner with people you like to make the experience pleasant.

If you have any questions or we may be of help with your event's corporate entertainment needs, please contact our office. We look forward to helping you deliver an incredible event for your client.

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