Corporate Event Planning Concepts
To Save Your Event From Ruin

You spend the time to find a great corporate entertainer. They are highly recommended, their video is incredible and you've gotten rave recommendations from their past clients.  You just know your guests will love them too!

But things don't go as planned.  The entertainer doesn't click with your guests. People aren't paying and some are even walking out the door.  You've paid a lot of money and the act totally bombed.


Entertainment MUST be framed properly or it WILL fail.

Event planners often place their event entertainers in a no-win situation.  It is important to understand exactly what your entertainment needs to succeed.  Let us give you some examples:

Audiences need to be close to feel like they are part of the experience. Often event planners will place a dance floor in front of the stage, or leave a wide gap between the stage and the tables.  When that happens the entertainer and guests are unable to form a connection.  So keep tables and chairs close to the stage!

Guests need to be able to see the stage. If they can't, they won't pay attention.  If your room has columns, plan the seating so everyone has a clear view of the stage.  Don't allow the centerpieces to obstruct site lines either!

Plan for a sound system that is designed to handle the room and your guest capacity. Nothing is worse than trying to understand muffled ceiling speakers. If your entertainment can't be heard, you've wasted your budget.

Put Your Entertainment On Immediately After Dinner.

The evening is about your guests!  Once the CEO has spoken, or the awards are presented, phones come out to check emails, people realize the babysitter is on the clock, and they begin thinking about other things. Suddenly your group starts to unravel. Now let's bring the entertainer into this environment and expect them to succeed. It could happen, but the odds are not in their favor.

When your entertainment hits the stage immediately following dinner, the energy in the room rises.  People are laughing, having fun and by the time the show is over, they eagerly anticipate the awards and speeches.  Everything seems to move faster when your guests in a great mood.

So how do you want people to remember your event? As a fun time, or a time drag? Follow this advice and make your next corporate event one they will remember!

When planning your next corporate event, contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will help you find corporate entertainment that your guests will love!

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