Corporate entertainers can bring laughter and enthusiasm to

  • professional luncheons,
  • training sessions and
  • company retreats.

However, many human resource and executive assistants have discovered the hard way that not every entertainer fits the bill. By discussing your wants and needs with the performer, companies can avoid nightmare scenarios such as these:

Complaint #1: The corporate entertainer was late due to travel delays or miscommunications.

It takes a certain amount of professionalism for a performer to:

  • handle contracts
  • deposits
  • arrange travel to the appropriate venue.

Experienced corporate performers stay in communication with event planners throughout:

  • the planning process
  • watching for weather developments and
  • confirming travel reservations

so that the corporate event goes as planned.

A seasoned performer is also sure to relay any necessary equipment requests in order to reduce the possibility of any last-minute surprises.

Complaint #2: The corporate performer made inappropriate remarks.

Corporate performers understand the importance of your company maintaining a professional atmosphere and image, even during a relaxed evening or holiday party.

Seasoned corporate entertainers will not book or recommend other performers who might cause embarrassment or outrage among employers or management.

Complaint #3: The performance did not fit the event.

Seasoned entertainers take time to research the business enough to insure that the perfect message and tone are conveyed.

Quality entertainers know how to entertain a variety of crowds and understand the importance of choosing the proper venue for their act.

When a certain crowd or venue doesn't fit the performer's specifications, they are typically able to provide recommendations of others performers who may be better suited.

Complaint #4: The performer refuses to refund monies paid after failure to show or inappropriate behavior.

Most corporate entertainers realize their success depends on client satisfaction.

These performers stand by their word and act as professional as you would expect one of your employees to act.

If an emergency were to arise, most would help you find a replacement.

Complaint #5: The act was sweet but a little too short.

Seasoned corporate performers understand the importance of pleasing a customer.

A happy customer is a returning customer.

To insure that your expectations are met, always discuss the length of the performance before the date of the event.

Quality acts, like corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl, can bring professionalism and roars of laughter to your next corporate entertainment event. Event planners, businesses and organizations should contact Tom directly to plan a memorable night for everyone, including the organizers.