Planning a party or corporate event and looking for some awesome entertainment? Want to engage your guests, put them at ease and create an upbeat mood? When entertainment is your responsibility, give Tom a call.

With 30 plus years in the business of making people laugh, Tom can help you produce the perfect corporate entertainment experience.

Clean comedy with unique delivery that appeals to a wide range of audiences will have your people rolling in the aisles. Personalized programs feature your audience, event, message and company. It is all designed to give you a one of a kind show your guests will remember.

Corporate and company events across the United States have endorsed Tom's show as a “haven't laughed that hard in years …” experience.

Top Corporate Entertainer
for Company Events:

Tom works with you to create unique entertainment experiences for corporate events such as:

Awards Banquets – After Dinner Entertainment

You want your people in their seats and having fun. The best way to do this is fly in the face of tradition. Put your entertainment on immediately following the meal! People will laugh, relax and the rest of the evening will seem to fly by. Early entertainment avoids the mass after dinner exodus – try it and watch the results!

Sales Meetings

Use comedy to break up the boredom, educating your staff as you energize them. Tom works with you to develop routines that stress the information you need your salesmen to remember. The unique delivery creates a major impression they won't soon forget!

Annual Meetings

Address the elephant in the room. Share information and upcoming changes in a way that has your co-workers excited at the prospect of moving forward. We work with you to help meet your goals and vision for events.

Company Parties

For holiday parties hire a corporate entertainer that creates an experience your co-workers will remember. Inside information becomes major laugh points as the unexpected takes over. It is corporate entertainment designed specifically for your group.

A Corporate Entertainer
for Private and Social Events:

When it is time to impress clients, shareholders or prospects, comedy rivets attention. Laughter lowers the guard and relaxes everyone while generating a shared experience.

You could put your corporate entertainment in the hands of someone less experience, but we don't recommend it! Contact the corporate entertainer that works with you to make it right. Reach out now for a free, no-obligation event consultation. If Tom is not a fit for your entertainment needs, he will put you in touch with someone who will help you exceed your event goals.