Is a Clean Corporate Comedian
Going to be Funny to Your Audience?

Comedy styles have changed. The majority of today's comedians present material with subjects and language that were once considered taboo.

In the corporate setting, they still are.

Clean comedians like Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Milton Berle Jackie Gleason, Flip Wilson, and Red Skelton are considered classics. People still laugh at their situational antics and material today.

The point is: great comedy will always make people laugh.

If a comedian crafts the material properly, it doesn't need to be offensive or dirty. But that involves work and shock value is much easier.

Clean corporate comedians are different.

They realize they are representing you and your company. They understand the meeting or banquet room is far removed from the comedy club setting.

Material written for corporate events has to be clean. Plus, it must elicit laughs from the been there, done that, seen it all corporate audience. The best way to do that is personalize the program for your event.

Comedy developed around your event, message, theme, goal, audience and company provides a shared experience. It is important the presentation casts everything in a positive light. Since comedy develops from contrasts, this can be difficult for the unexperienced.

So when looking for a clean corporate comedian, take a good look at their track record. You want to hire a comedian who will set a positive mood, energize your audience while helping them relax and leave them talking for the right reasons!

Contact our office today to discuss your corporate entertainment needs. Tom works with you to develop material that involves your guests and makes your event shine.

If for any reason, Tom isn't the right comedian for your event, don't worry. He can put you in touch with clean corporate comedians or other corporate event service professionals. It is all about helping you host a successful event.

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