Ventriloquism Introduces All Star Collectors Cards

Ventriloquism Introduces All Star Collectors Cards

WESTMINISTER, MD., March 16th, 2016 – Comedy ventriloquist and corporate entertainment professional Tom Crowl has been chosen to be one of 15 celebrity faces to grace the inaugural run of the Cybevent All Stars Collectors Cards for the ventriloquist community. Thirty-five ventriloquists nationwide were part of a contest to determine who would make it in to the deck. After the votes were tallied, the top fifteen were chosen, including comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl.

“I am honored just to be listed among some true legends in the world of ventriloquism,” Crowl said. “The fact that people voted for me to be part of the first edition set is flattering. I'm lucky to be in the company of some very talented ventriloquists, many of whom I consider friends.”

Daniel Jay, web administrator and owner of the Cybervent website, spearheaded the vote and will be creating the cards. He said, “I was inspired to create the deck after I saw a black and white deck from a while back. I thought the concept was great. So I created a new deck, but made them full-color and updated them with current ventriloquists. I call them the Cybevent All Stars Collectors Cards.”

The other 14 celebrity ventriloquists chosen are:
Jeff Dunham – Comedy Central
Terry Fator – America's Got Talent Winner Season Two / Las Vegas Headliner
Jay Johnson – Tony Award Winner and Sitcom Actor (SOAP)
Willie Tyler – Laugh-In / TV Sitcom Star
Jimmy Nelson – TV Actor / Nestle's Spokesman / Dean of American Ventriloquism
Nina Conti – YouTube Sensation
David Strassman – Australia's Most Famous Ventriloquist
Dan Horn – Cruise Ship Ventriloquist
Ronn Lucas – TV Actor / Las Vegas Headliner
Jim Barber – Headlined in Branson, Missouri
Ken Groves – One of America's Best Ventriloquists
Mackenzie Bart – Former Miss Ohio State
Mark Wade – Executive Director of the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion
Taylor Mason – Singer-songwriter, ventriloquist, comedian, & entertainer

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Tom Crowl to Appear At 40th International Ventriloquist Convention

Tom Crowl to Appear At 40th International Ventriloquist Convention

HEBRON, KY., March 2nd, 2016 – Comedy ventriloquist and corporate entertainment professional Tom Crowl has been chosen to moderate a panel discussion at the 40th Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion slated for July 13 – 16, 2016 in Hebron, Kentucky. The Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion is spearheaded by Mark Wade, executive director of the ConVENTion, and was created to help others learn the specialized skill of ventriloquism while artfully improving their craft. Crowl has been part of the staff at the ConVENTion since 2009.

The topic discussion that Crowl produced and will be moderating is “Tips From The Pros,” based on an audio series he created for Maher Ventriloquist Studios. The star-studded panel will take the stage Saturday, July 16th, at 7:15pm, and will include other seasoned professionals like Jimmy Nelson and Todd Oliver.

Nelson became famous in the 50's after appearing on television with Ronald Reagan, Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, and Ed Sullivan, just to name a few. He later became the spokesperson for Nestle's, making the Nestle's Chocolate jingle famous.

Oliver was a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent. He also headlined for a number of years in Branson, MO. Branson is a popular family destination town in Missouri where the very best of diverse entertainers can be found honing their craft and pleasing audiences alike.

During the discussion, Crowl and the panel will accept questions and comments from attendees.

The conVENTion always closes with an All-Star show, but this year they are changing things up a bit. Ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham has reserved 700 free tickets for ConVENTION attendees for his show at the BB&T Center at Northern Kentucky University. Dunham will be bussing attendees to and from the Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel at no cost to them. Executive Director Mark Wade and his hard working staff and volunteers are beyond humbled at this gesture. Dunham is offering the free tickets and transportation as a thank you, and to express his level of commitment to the art and to the people who were fans long before his fame.

Other stars that will be in attendance are Tony Award Winner Jay Johnson and ventriloquist Terry Fator. Johnson won a Tony for his one-man Broadway show, “The Two And Only.” He is also remembered for his role in the sitcom, SOAP. Fator won the second season of America's Got Talent and now headlines at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

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Ventriloquists Popular Around the World

WESTMINSTER, MD., February 3rd, 2016 – Maher Ventriloquist Studios has been stepping up since 1934 to turnout and share the most talented and popular ventriloquists with organizations and venues around the world. Today the company operates under the auspice of corporate entertainment and comedy ventriloquist, Tom Crowl, kid show ventriloquist Mark Wade, and comedian ventriloquist Ken Groves.

The International Ventriloquist Society is an arm of Maher Studios, and is ventriloquism's only operating organization for the art. It includes the membership of well-known ventriloquists like Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator (winner of America's Got Talent) , proving that IVS is the most renowned organization for ventriloquists in the industry. Six times a year the trio publishes an online newsletter that includes video instruction, reports from international correspondents, and informational articles and photographs from ventriloquists around the globe.

Maher Studios was originally founded by professional ventriloquist Fred Maher. The business began to turn out graduates with the Maher Course of Ventriloquism as early as 1934. The course was widely recognized as one of the most influential for aspiring and seasoned ventriloquists. Thanks to corporate entertainer and comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl, the course has been republished and made available on the Amazon Kindle Platform. Crowl is also responsible for creating Maher's new online products. As a co-founder of IVS, Crowl wants to ensure that ventriloquists worldwide are not only armed with the best tools to help them hone their skills, but are also part of the IVS roster so he can personally help match the right talent with any given event.

“I include a list of ventriloquists on my website because as a corporate entertainer it is my goal to help clients find the best entertainment for their event,” Crowl said. “If someone is looking to hire a ventriloquist I encourage them to reach out. As co-founder of IVS and a staff member of the Vent Haven ConVENTion, I know and have seen most of today's working ventriloquists. If I am not right for an event, I am able to determine who is, and match that event with an act that suits their needs.”

Crowl has been entertaining international audiences as a corporate entertainer and comedy ventriloquist for three decades. His own online ventriloquism video course has turned out dozens of talented graduates worldwide.

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Tom Crowl to Emcee MDQI Awards Banquet at Baltimore Convention Center

BALTIMORE, MD, February 3rd, 2016 – Corporate comedian and ventriloquist Tom Crowl has been chosen to emcee the Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Annual Banquet and Awards of Excellence dinner at the Baltimore Convention Center on Thursday, Feb. 4th.

MdQI is a statewide initiative created by Maryland's transportation industry to improve the design and maintenance of the transportation system as a whole. The banquet is part of an annual two-day informational and technical conference aimed to enhance professional and leadership skills for experts in the transportation industry in Maryland.

Corporate comedian and ventriloquist Tom Crowl was chosen to emcee the event to keep the audience energized and engaged and ensure the program is run smoothly. To make this year's banquet the most unique and memorable to date, the final awards will be presented by puppet doppelganger versions of two MdQI board members. Crowl is highly recognized for this signature sketch where he turns audience members into human puppets. The awards to be presented in this hilarious sketch comedy are the:
Modal/Municipal Awards – Projects under $5 Million (MDOT Modes, Baltimore City and CEAM)
Modal/Municipal Awards – Projects over $5 Million (MDOT Modes, Baltimore City and CEAM)

Crowl will also be animating MdQI member's pictures to create virtual ventriloquist puppets.

The first MdQI conference unfolded in 1994 and was dubbed the “Road to Quality.” In 2008, it shifted to recognize projects completed within a fiscal year instead of a calendar year. To be eligible for an Award of Excellence, projects must have a completion or acceptance date between October 1st and September 30th of the next calendar year.

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Ventriloquism Lecture Becomes Popular How To Web Page

Ventriloquism Lecture Becomes Popular How To Web Page

HEBRON, KY., January 11th, 2016 – Comedy ventriloquist and corporate entertainment professional Tom Crowl is attracting attention after a successful ventriloquism lecture made waves with attendees at the 2014 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion in Kentucky. The convention was created to help others learn the specialized skill of ventriloquism while artfully improving their craft. To keep aspiring and seasoned ventriloquists in the loop on the lecture, Crowl created a How To Do Ventriloquism page on his website,, and it's garnering lots of traffic.

The How To Do Ventriloquism page is one of the most popular pages at Using slides and information from the lecture, Crowl offers site visitors a video with tips, tricks, and truth on how to become a successful ventriloquist. From learning how one can learn to throw their voice to speaking without moving their lips, Crowl has assembled one of the most informational and entertaining free resources for ventriloquists available on the web.

The repetitive web hits tend to come after popular ventriloquists appear on television. When ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has a TV special air, Crowl's numbers on his How To Do Ventriloquism web page increase quickly. When Paul Zerdin appeared on America's Got Talent with his puppeteer talents, the same thing happened. These spikes can be accredited to the fact that ventriloquism is an art form that is still extremely popular and, therefore, generates interest on how one can begin the process of becoming a successful ventriloquist.

Comedy ventriloquist and corporate entertainment professional Tom Crowl has been part of the staff at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion since 2009. Upwards of 600 attendees made their way to the convention this past summer. Proceeds from the convention benefit the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to the art of ventriloquism. The museum, started by William Shakespeare Berger in the 1940's, is located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

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Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course Surpasses All Others

WESTMINSTER, MD., January 5th, 2016 – Ventriloquism may be an illusion, but Tom Crowl's Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course is certainly not. With five free lessons to get aspiring ventriloquists started, Crowl proves he is not just passionate about teaching the art form, but eager to give everything he's got to those ready to learn with his breakthrough ventriloquist training.

The course launched in 2012. Since then, it has seen almost 4,000 national and international members pass through its virtual doors, turning dusty puppets and rusty ventriloquists into shining stars. Said Crowl of the groundbreaking course, “Until I created the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course, there were only a few ways to learn ventriloquism online: Free ventriloquism websites or sites that sold books and DVD's, limited online articles, and lessons on YouTube. Each had its drawbacks. To learn ventriloquism on YouTube, you had to sit through tons of videos that spoof ventriloquists. Most of the videos were poorly made and the skills were not adequately explained. Others offered completely incorrect information. You could surf Youtube all day and be no closer to learning ventriloquism than when you started.”

These limited resources spurred Crowl to create a virtual space that delivered genuine information at an incredibly affordable rate. With the help of his team, he designed videos that offered everything other courses and YouTube videos lacked: Actionable items, integrity, and professional knowledge. All of this is delivered with fun and laughter, traits that come naturally for the comedian ventriloquist. From free lessons to core lessons and master classes, Crowl has every base covered. An online store at the learning site also offers puppets, DVD's, and other novelties for purchase. Students, both past and present, can't stop raving about Tom Crowl and his killer course.

John Morgan is a past student. He says, “This is a great course! This is an essential course, and one with this level of depth has been a long time coming. Vents (ventriloquists) should be lining up. The more I study ventriloquism, the more I begin to understand that this is more than just about lip control. We have to be jacks of all trades. This course is concise and focused on our needs. Tom, you have outdone yourself!”

Said graduate Sarah Jones, “This course is the definitive guide to learning ventriloquism. It makes learning ventriloquism a snap, no matter what your learning style is. Whether you are an absolute novice starting from scratch or a seasoned pro ready to refresh your skills, this course will be an investment in your future.”

Ventriloquist Chuck Lyons added, “I am always looking to improve, so I purchased the Learn-Ventriloquism Course after reviewing the free ventriloquist lessons. It took my skill level to a higher point, especially when it came to saying the more difficult letters. I sounded clearer and made sense. Tom has taken the ventriloquism course from the old time mail order into the modern age with the Internet. If I had it 40 years ago, who knows where I'd be today.”

The thing that genuinely sets the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course apart from any other is the way Crowl teaches. Designed as if he were sitting directly in front of you, the comedian ventriloquist delivers lessons thoroughly, and with patience and accuracy.

“The course was structured in a way that the ventriloquist lessons followed on from the previous lesson,” student Ian Mac said, “covering all the letters and those dreaded labials. Tom gets right up close to the camera so you can see tongue positions for the letters. Each video is accompanied with a written lesson and additional exercises, as well as written instruction on each lesson with work cards to practice and develop the sound. The course also covers finding the correct puppet/figure to use, as well as creating a character for that puppet. Writing scripts and joke files is covered to help develop your performance.”

Tom Crowl's authenticity and desire to deliver with his online ventriloquist training has earned him a reputable partnership with Maher Ventriloquist Studios, the International Ventriloquists Society in Barefoot Bay, Florida. Creating content that was genuine and useful was very important to Crowl.

“As a professional ventriloquist, it hurts me to see the art abused by people,” Crowl said. “Anyone interested in learning ventriloquism should be able to get access to proper instruction. Let the people who are only curious play the misinformation game. The Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course is designed for people who want to learn how to be a ventriloquist. If you are seriously interested in learning ventriloquism, you have found the right place.”

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