Hosting an event and need some business entertainment ideas?

Corporate events have different goals:

  • Client Appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
  • Training and Education
  • Public Relations and Outreach
  • Community Outreach

Each of these goals lend themselves to a variety of event styles. You may host a product launch, holiday party, conference or even an annual company dinner.

When your company hosts an event, they spend money on engagement. The budget goes toward capturing the mindset of your attendees. Even if for a brief time. When attendees lose attention, the goals of the function fail.

One way to capture attention is using corporate entertainment. A skilled corporate entertainer works with you to keep the company and it's message top of mind. Here are:

28 Business Entertainment Ideas to get you started!

Indoor Events:

1. Wine Tasting: You can either head to the winery, or invite them to you!

2. Brewry Tour: Another fun event that can be held at the office but for maximum fun, head to the brewry!

3. Company Dinner: Good food, socializing and a great way to cap off a day. No matter what type of event you hold, an evening meal is always appreciated. After dinner entertainment can add icing to the cake.

4. Spa Day: Let your staff relax and unwind at the spa.

5. Movies: We had to list this because many companies enjoy a day of cinema. Just make sure to know your attendees likes and dislikes. Some people fall alseep in the dark.

6. Karaoke Night: Have some drinks ready. Not everyone can sing, but people love trying!

7. A Night Of Theatre: Opera, Symphonies, and plays can offer something different for your guests.

8. Comedy Night: You can head to the comedy club, or bring a business comedian to you!

9. The Gift That Keeps Giving: You don't always need to host an event to gain your audience's attention. A gift basket delivered out of the blue grabs attention and puts your firm top of mind.

10. Indoor Mini Golf: From an indoor course to an in office setup, mini golf can be fun. Invite departments to create their own holes and have the entire company play.

Outdoor Events:

1. A Golf Tournament: Golf is a traditional method of doing business. Fresh air, exercise and fun.

2. A Fishing Tournament: Another great way to relax, rejuvenate and have fun outdoors. Just make sure everyone has a fishing license.

3. Sporting Events: Taking in a major league baseball, football, hocky or soccer game can be tons of fun.

4. Shooting Range: Send your group out to a shooting range. Some instruction on gun safety and some friendly competition can bond participants. Don't limit yourself to guns either. Consider Bows & Arrows!

5. Skiing: Hit the slopes and enjoy the mountain air. After some great exercise, host a warm-up open bar where business can flourish.

6. Snorkeling: Near the water? Enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling. Seeing nature's underwater beauty can inspire the mind.

7. Parasailing: Another great boating adventure. A smooth ride that is lots of fun and a great photo opportunity to share with others.

8. Amusement Parks: Hold your event at a nearby amusement park. Talk to their group sales office to discuss bonuses for your guests.

9. Hop On A Horse: Some rural tourist areas offer horseback riding. Get your people on the trail and stop off for a picnic lunch in a remote location.

10. Hot Air Balloons: Up, up and away with an amazing air driven adventure. See about having your company logo banners adorning the basket!

11. The Company Picnic: Pull out the grills and fire things up! Grab some burgers and hotdogs and everyone will have fun.

12. Go Karting: A fun activity for everyone. Race around the track to see who wins.

13. Sail The Seas: Book a yacht, cruise or riverboat. You'll have everyone's undivided attention – just make sure they have fun!

14. Horse Races: Get out for a day on the track. A bit of sun, excitement and refreshment can be refreshing.

15. Bike Trails: Go for a ride. Keep things interesting with checkpoints and perhaps a scavenger hunt.

16. Pool Party: Host your event around the pool. Have drinks and snacks for all, swimming and maybe even a D.J. for those not dipping their feet in the water.

17. Hiking The Trail: A fun way to spend the afternoon, see nature and bond with others.

18. Corporate Charity: Have the staff build a playground for a needy community. A great way to help people become a part of something bigger. Plus it is an excellent community outreach that helps the firm.

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Hosting different types of events makes your company fun and exciting. You'll capture your client's and employee's attention by always offering something new.

Keeping people entertained is not easy. Making sure they remember the reason you value them is important. No matter what type of corporate event you hold, business entertainment can help.

If you are looking for corporate entertainers for your next business function, talk to our office today. Tom will listen to your needs, hear your vision and help you succeed with your ideas.

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