Corporate Party Entertainers

Putting together a corporate party is no easy task, and one of the toughest aspects is selecting the right entertainment for your party. There are a number of different corporate entertainment acts to choose from, and making certain you select the right one is essential to creating the mood for your party. Here are a few options that might be perfect for your needs.

A DJ to handle the background music is perhaps the most common type of entertainment at a corporate party. They can play a variety of background music tracks to keep people in the party mood. You could also set the atmosphere with living statues or roving musicians for a bit of fun. Jugglers and magicians working their way through the crowd could also be a fun diversion. One company invited a psychic to their corporate party so the guests could have their fortunes told.

corporate party entertainersIf you’re looking for a stage show, have you considered an illusionist or a hypnotist? They’re both great ways to get the crowd involved and excited. Corporate comedians and comedy speakers are another good way to do just that. Clean comedy that is appropriate for your company can really get the party going.

One other great option is hiring a comedy ventriloquist. While you may have seen this type of entertainment on television, it is rare to see it in a live venue like a corporate party.  You can be sure you are getting a unique act for the seen it all, hard to please audience. What’s more, a comedy ventriloquist is the perfect way to lighten the mood of the party and truly engage your guests. You can get a tasteful, yet hilarious show that will delight and entertain the entire guest list and keep them talking about the party for weeks.

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Corporate Entertainment Using Virtual Ventriloquist Puppets

When you throw a wide mixture of company disciplines into the event audience, selecting corporate entertainment becomes even more crucial.  The standard fare fails to excite a hard to please staff.  Wide age ranges mean a wide range of interests and entertainment tastes.  When you have this type of guest list, personalized entertainment is the best solution for total audience engagement.

As a corporate comedian, Tom is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to grab the attention of corporate audiences.  His dedication to program customization leaves attendees laughing and sharing the group experience.  That is why earlier this year, Tom invested in a brand new technology which allows him to create Virtual Ventriloquist Puppets.

Imagine your CEO’s picture appearing on a large screen monitor in front of your guests.  As Tom introduces them, the picture suddenly comes to life with an animated puppet mouth and eyes.  The comedy is non-stop as the Virtual Puppet discusses any subject of your event’s focus.  It’s always handled with respect, yet you won’t believe the laughs this Virtual Puppet will generate.

You aren’t limited to one person.  Tom can turn your entire staff into Virtual Puppets and interview them during meeting breaks or shows.  Plus any picture can be brought to life.  Imagine your product sprouting a mouth and eyes and discussing benefits or issues.  Your competition could appear to lament over your company’s product or service success.

The Virtual Ventriloquist Puppet offers you a high tech comedy solution that will put everyone in a great mood and help make your next event the hit of the year!

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