Corporate Entertainment Using Virtual Ventriloquist Puppets

When you throw a wide mixture of company disciplines into the event audience, selecting corporate entertainment becomes even more crucial.  The standard fare fails to excite a hard to please staff.  Wide age ranges mean a wide range of interests and entertainment tastes.  When you have this type of guest list, personalized entertainment is the best solution for total audience engagement.

As a corporate comedian, Tom is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to grab the attention of corporate audiences.  His dedication to program customization leaves attendees laughing and sharing the group experience.  That is why earlier this year, Tom invested in a brand new technology which allows him to create Virtual Ventriloquist Puppets.

Imagine your CEO’s picture appearing on a large screen monitor in front of your guests.  As Tom introduces them, the picture suddenly comes to life with an animated puppet mouth and eyes.  The comedy is non-stop as the Virtual Puppet discusses any subject of your event’s focus.  It’s always handled with respect, yet you won’t believe the laughs this Virtual Puppet will generate.

You aren’t limited to one person.  Tom can turn your entire staff into Virtual Puppets and interview them during meeting breaks or shows.  Plus any picture can be brought to life.  Imagine your product sprouting a mouth and eyes and discussing benefits or issues.  Your competition could appear to lament over your company’s product or service success.

The Virtual Ventriloquist Puppet offers you a high tech comedy solution that will put everyone in a great mood and help make your next event the hit of the year!

To find out more about Tom’s Virtual Ventriloquist Puppets, contact our office for a free event consultation.

Corporate Entertainment In Myrtle Beach

Corporate Entertainment In Myrtle Beach

Let’s say you’ve booked your next corporate function in one of the nicest resort spots on the East Coast: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Myrtle Beach offers plenty for your attendees to do besides enjoy the surf and sand.  The nightlife in Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone with such hot spots as The Bowery, Dino’s TV Variety Show, House of Blues, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville to name a few.  There are also plenty of live shows to check out at venues like the Palace Theatre, Medieval Times, and The Carolina Opry.

Plus, Myrtle Beach is famous for its great shopping opportunities from bargains at Tanger Outlets to upscale boutiques at Broadway at the Beach.  Naturally, your clients will also have plenty of great dining opportunities to choose from, too.  Whether they’re in the mood for a T-Bone at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a burger at the Hard Rock Café, or a crab cake at the Aspen Grille, Myrtle Beach offers a wide variety of restaurants to fit any appetite and budget.

So, you’ve picked a great resort in Myrtle Beach to hold your corporate event.  Perhaps you chose the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach or maybe the elegant Kingston Resorts or one of over 100 options to choose from depending on the size of your event and number of attendees.  You know that Myrtle Beach’s reputation as a first-class conference site will attract your clients to your function.  However, you want them to actually attend the various events that you have meticulously planned.  With all the attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer, how can you be sure that your attendees will come to your key events?

Hiring an experienced corporate entertainer is a sure-fire way to keep your attendees engaged.  A seasoned professional will mean the difference between a meeting room filled to capacity or a lot of empty chairs.  Someone like ventriloquist Tom Crowl can keep your attendees entertained while incorporating your company’s message seamlessly into his act.  Tom has plenty of experience with corporate clients including conferences and related events held at resorts such as Myrtle Beach.  Tom Crowl’s quick wit and ability to interact with your attendees will make him the hit of your company’s next Myrtle Beach event (and you’ll be a big hit for hiring him!).  Click here to find out more about how you can book Tom.

Need After Dinner Entertainment?

After Dinner Entertainment

Did you ever notice how many after dinner entertainers sound the same?  Comedian “so and so” is hysterical and will make your event a success.  “Every Band” will get your whole crowd dancing and make your event a success.  The Amazing “magician” will have your crowd on the edge of their seats and make your event a success.  See a pattern?

They all talk about how great they are, and how they will make your corporate event incredible.  Really?

When you talk with them on the phone, are they busy selling themselves?  Or listening to your vision of the event?  Are they asking you questions to determine if their act is a match for your group?  Or telling you how great they are, what songs they’ll sing, magic tricks they will do, or television shows they have appeared on?

After Dinner Entertainment That Involves Your Audience

Your caterer discusses your needs, helping you make selections to please discriminating palates.  Your after dinner entertainment should be just as focused on your guests.  Most event entertainers fail to realize your evening is about your guests and company, not about their show.  That is why Tom takes the time to talk with you and find out exactly what you want.  In some cases, even the event planner isn’t sure.  Tom would rather direct you to an act that fits your event, audience and budget, than accept a show that wouldn’t be in your best interest.  And he does it time and again.

When you need after dinner entertainment for a corporate function, contact our office to discuss your event.  It is a complimentary consultation, and there is no pressure.  If Tom isn’t right for your event, he is happy to make recommendations based on his experiences working with some of the top corporate entertainers in the country.  There are no commissions involved.  It’s all about making sure your event lives up to your dreams!

Corporate Entertainment Booking

So finally you are done with venue booking. That’s good! Now, you’d be looking for some engaging activities and performances that would make the event exciting and fun. A corporate entertainer almost always works when you hire one suited to your event and audience. If you can hire a professional who can make your employees laugh, that would make it perhaps the most unforgettable event.

Corporate entertainment is a serious issue. Quite a paradox, no?  It’s serious in the sense that it is not a casual audience that you are dealing with. There will be board of directors or people in managerial positions among the audience. Your employees may get offended – or they may get bored, if it’s performed by an amateur corporate comedian. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to choose a corporate entertainer wisely.

Here are a few things that you should consider for corporate entertainment.


You understand the seriousness of this event. I think it would be foolish to opt for a corporate entertainer without looking at his testimonials. It’s better to ask from people who have organized similar events and who can refer you a corporate comedian.


In order to shortlist from a list of performers, you can watch their performance video. If he can make you laugh, he can make the audience laugh too.

Flexible for You

You may already have an idea in mind about a specific type of corporate performance or what should be or what shouldn’t be in the performance. This is the time to work out the idea with the performer and find if he is flexible enough to work with. Many corporate entertainment programs are static; however, if the performer is flexible, he can indeed work out a script for a specific kind of audience.

Helpful in Planning

You should have a clear idea right from the onset if the corporate entertainer is co-operative with you or not. Although, the on-stage performance is his responsibility, you will be on the hook for planning and all back-stage arrangements. The performer must be a responsible person and co-operative with you. He should let you know about his requirements in advance.

To discuss your corporate event entertainment, contact Tom’s office today for a free corporate entertainment consultation.